Sunday, September 25, 2011

Griffen - Deleted Scenes Vol 3 (Cover Art & Track Listing)

Griffen has been making moves and keeping it consistent. He is set to drop the third volume of Deleted Scenes which is the continuation of volume two. This project features production by Bionik, Tony Baines Memo of the Molemen and more.

GRIFFEN - Deleted Scenes 3 - Official Tracklisting:

26. "BAHZ (Intro)"
27. "Down & Out In Beverly Hills"
28. "Chiground Cypher 2" [feat Peady & 42 Keez]
29. "Chevymusic 2" [feat Mean Doe Green] prod by BAINESGOD
30. "B-Boycott" prod by BIONIK
31. "The Difference B'Tween Me & U" prod by DIODATO
32. "Naw" prod by DIODATO
33. "Quit Playin" [feat Black Silver & DAP]
34. "Jus Like Dat" [feat Killa Gang Rio] prod by MEMO of Molemen
35. "Ain't Hard 2 Find" [feat Ja'Gane & Porschia] prod by JA'GANE of Cyanide
36. "My Word (Remix)" prod by BIONIK
BONUS TRACK: Get Used 2 Me [feat Trinity] prod by Cylent Sounds

Mixed by DJ FkNKash
Available virally everywhere Sep 27th, 2011 from Unlabeled Records & Stay Humble Ent.
Mean Doe Green appears courtesy of IceH2O Records.
Black Silver appears courtesy of Sterling World Records.
Follow Griffen on Twitter: @Griffen

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