Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Louie P. Newton ft. Boldy James & GLC - David Ruffin (Video)

This is the first leaked video from my new “Eternal Sunshine Of The Pimpin Mind” project. My mella Terrence Jones laid down a cathedralfied visual once again. The iSM spreading has surfaced in the great medicinal state of Michigan. I welcomed the likes of Boldy James, Sheefy McFly, Roland & the incarcerated Louie P. to my great city as we let the pimpin’ commence! From the GO to the D, the midwest is strong. Cathedral to Kyana Miles, Courtney Price & Christina Mighty for representing for the ism & my player partner Banks. J Kemp & Roland lets get em. Honor us as they say we cold on them hoes, David Ruffin. This Ism Music!

GLC - Eternal Sunshine Of The Pimpin' Mind Cover

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