Monday, December 5, 2011

D2G – The Blood Diamond Tape (Mixtape)

 New from D2G
My name is D2G, and you are now tuned into my project known as "THE BLOOD DIAMOND TAPE". The concept is a simple yet complex thought within itself. I decided to go with "Blood Diamond" because of how I view myself in terms of being a Chicago Hip Hop artist. Quite comparable to how the children in Sierra Leone, who sometimes die for the sake of finding diamonds that shine for the world to see. I have been working on my hip hop craft for literally two decades, shedding my blood/sweat/tears into my music. Only now do I feel that you as the listener have grown to appreciate my progress in sharing my gift thus far. I sacrifice a lot into making my dreams come true.So I have decided to share these sacrifices into song through my 1st ever project release.

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