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Chi-City Hip Hop Talks w/ Pavy

Pavy is an up and coming artist who recently dropped a mixtape called Middle Class Ignorance. We at Chi-City Hip Hop had the chance to get a few questions to him about different topics such as, his views as an artist, views on the local scene, and about his mixtape and future projects. Check out what Pavy had to say below.. 

I see that your latest mixtape Middle Class Ignorance was posted by a lot of blogs including ours what are your thought on the success of MCI?

PavyYeah thanks for the post first and foremost and secondly it's been good so far. I can't say I was really surprised because I expect the best, but I do really feel like understand the vision. That was the main thing that I was worried about if people would actually understand what I was talking about and I feel for the most part they have. So as of right now I'm satisfied.

What the story behind the title Middle Class Ignorance? How did you come up with that name?

PavyHonestly I've had the title since I was 18 so I don't exactly remember how I landed on Middle Class Ignorance. But the story behind it is basically I feel that to accomplish big things you must be some what ignorant to your odds. Because logically how in the hell could I be the biggest music star on this planet when 1/2 of the planet is trying to do the same thing. Logically those odds would tell you yeah maybe I should pick something a little more safe. So I feel in order to accomplish big things you MUST be ignorant to your odds. And the Middle Class part is simply because I grew up a middle class kid, I'm blessed to have never been poor.

One song that really caught my attention was "Our Pointless Rap Song" with Vic Spencer how this track come about?

Pavy: I actually just made that title up like 4 months ahead of when I actually recorded it because I thought it would make people wonder like what is this I gotta hear this song. Then I met Vic heard his style and just asked him would he like to be apart of the record and he said of course so I told DC the idea I had for the song. Then one day I walked in the studio and he handed me the beat I wrote the verse in like 15 minutes then sent it over to Vic, he came and did it and the rest is history.

What does Pavy, as an artist, stand for?

Pavy: Everything that's wrong and right with my generation, I just put it in my music so the rest of my generation can identify with it and hopefully feel the same way I feel.

Being an up and coming artist, if a major label seek to sign you what would be the better choice for you, stay indie of sign with the major label?

PavyUnless it's one of those dream situations where the person actually wants to help me along and watch me grow and build. I would probably just have to turn it down and stay indie and build my brand up on my own.

I like to get different opinions about the Chicago hip hop scene. What are you views of our local scene?

Pavy: I really don't try to put myself to deep into the Chicago scene because being the best rapper in Chicago is NEVER something I aim for. I want to be the most important artist on the planet of earth, so a city is a such small place in the scheme of things to me. But to answer your question from what I see it's a lot of guys doing their thing and Chicago has a chance to finally breakout on a larger scale into the music industry.

What do you think the future holds for you in the rap game?

PavyYou won't be able to speak of the Rap game or music in general without speaking Pavy's name first or damn near first, if the Lord has it planned to way I have it planned.

What can we expect from you in the near future, new song, projects etc?

PavyI'm dropping the Confusions, Peer Pressure, Rage, Left Shoulder Vs. Right Shoulder & Our Pointless Rap Song videos all before June. Then it's on to the campaign for my second solo album Theory Of Defiance and that will be going on all summer. I think the first single will be called "Heroin" it should be a big surprise for everybody.

Where can people who are not in tune get in tune, where can they find your music?
Pavy: Everywhere but mainly

Thanks for the interview and the continued support from the beginning guys I really appreciate it!!

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