Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rashid Hadee ft. JV - When The Temperature Rise (Video)

Rashid Hadee continues to drop videos from his latest project. Aural Sex: The Search For Pinky Tuscadero available now for download.
Honest Management presents the 6th visual single by Rashid Hadee taken from Aural Sex: The Search For Pinky Tuscadero titled When The Temperature Rise feat. JV directed by DOMI V. There's an old saying that goes "In life the only thing guaranteed is death." Since that's a fact, running behind in close second is change because in life, change is inevitable. Some of the things we did as a teen, just isn't as cool or interesting as an adult. As an adult we have responsibilities, in some cases a family, and every now and then we reflect on the good ole days of how things use to be before our new commitments. Real men will admit, life's ill's and changes are much easier to adjust to when you have an understanding woman by your side, but as you'll see in When The Temperature Rise that's when things get tricky, or do they? There's only one solution to this quandary, and that is push play, sit back, and watch as Rashid Hadee takes on another reality in his Search For Pinky Tuscadero

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