Monday, April 23, 2012

"Lost In Love" & "Letter To Life" by Promo Dave

Two new writings from PromoDave on this Poetic Monday. The first is titled Lost In Love and the second is Letter To Life. Read and comment below.

Lost In Love
Being you, that’s when the state of life is much more beautifulBut within each of us is the desire to truly be desirableSo we’re taught to feel the need to change to appeal to those we seekBut if the search is mutual, the true, unchanged state of being is what would create the bondOne that wants you for a part of you will never need youWhen giving 100% dedication, the 50% being returned looks greater than it really isThe want for love tends to overwhelm a sensible individual’s normal characteristicsIndividuality is surrendered and destroyed in the creation of a false unityWhen seeking to save another, don’t lose yourselfSelf value is just as important to a relationship as adoration for your partnerNever be afraid to wait on love; instead be terrified of rushing past your beliefs for temporary satisfactionJust as that individual wasn’t there to make your heart better, they won’t be there to pick up the broken piecesLove can be the utmost connection, when it is bridged between hearts and not just body partsDon’t try to understand men or women as a whole, as it’s an impossible taskJust find the one woman or man worth being lost in love and dedicated to growth with
Letter to Life 
 What’s going on life?From the day we met, I was told you don’t give second chancesAnd ever since then, I’ve been trying to find my passionIs it school, music, work, or analyzing the world and fantasizing about girls?As I travel through you, I see that nothing is truly new in this worldYou have no conscience in taking my friends’ names out of the book of the livingAnd I really can’t judge you for such, we’re all working against a clock tickingMoments move past us, situations try to slow usAnd foolish people? Oh they continue to think that they know usBut it’s all good, can’t be concerned with that because when arguing with a fool, people over listening or watching from a distance, can’t tell the difference between usBack to you though, lifeI appreciate the time spent with you, trying to grow and mature with you and hoping that I don’t waste youUntil the day we go our separate ways, all I do will be to enhance my portion of youLoving hard, laughing deep, thinking smart, and trying to be blessed


  1. *Snaps fingers* deep I'd like to hear it live. I felt it

  2. That was nice. Keep up the good work. You touch many hearts and I bet a lot of people can feel you on where you're coming from. Thanks for the encouragement.


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