Monday, July 9, 2012

"Childish Dreams" - by PromoDave​

Poetic Mondays return with with a new poem from Promo Dave title Childish Dreams. Make sure to follow this young writer on twitter @PromoDaveFOC
Childish Dreams The faith of a mustard seed can truly move mountainsAnd as a child, that faith is blindly at its greatest peak as the world hasn’t had a chance to make it weakA screwed up society simply seeks to make all of its participants conform and settleAnd forget about the dreams they had as a child because they simply don’t accept themPeople will stifle your efforts out of their own inherent fear of failureSo rather than push your forward, they hold you back, next to them, stuck in averageTo the stagnant, it’s much easier to try a little and get the same amount in returnInstead of upping the ante, thus increasing the risk and the rewardGo Hard or Go Home is the motto when trying to make itAnd most don’t try their hardest, but rather stay at home, curled up underneath their coversBut sleep is only for those that deserve it, the hard working that exhaust themselves striving for better
So when they dream, all that can float in their mind, is thoughts of what to do nextPremonitions rule most dreams, as you see what can conspire as you aspire for greatnessEven nightmares serve a purpose, as we much see the pitfalls in order to stay informed about avoiding them One must abandon their childish ways, as far as work ethic, dedication, and drive is concernedBut when it comes to dreams? You should seek to keep the inner desire of that small child at a constant burn Because it was those days as a child that we played and worked to get big and strong like those that took care of usAnd until we take our last breaths, an opportunity for such will always be availableGoals of greatness will always be available to those that know to reach beyond their meansAnd know that amazing accomplishments as adults, all started as childish dreams

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