Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PromoDave presents "Tug Of War" (Poem)

Promo Dave of FOC returns with a new reading from you all. This new piece, titled "Tug of War", focuses on love and heartbreak, and digs into what may strengthen a relationship.

"Tug of War"
Hello love and heartbreak
To be so distant, why is there such a thin line between you?
It’s like a tug of war between love and war
As we lean over the edge, we lose the balance of our own strength when depending on another
But that’s not how love should be; we should be powered by another
Giving up yourself should be followed by an exchange of your significant other’s power
Love for love, 50/50, nothing more, nothing less
In relationships, in friendships, in acquaintanceships, in work environments, the tug should be equal
But some people just don’t see how their selfishness affects those around them
In your hunt for love, are you expecting more than you’re giving out?
Selfishness versus selflessness
Which side of the border do you fall on?
Are you so dependent on others that you only take to make yourself feel better?
Or are you willing to sacrifice yourself with the love of another being your repayment?
Losing yourself in love helps neither party, as one constantly must do the leading to a dependent follower
Finding love and seeing yourself in it is the best available option for any and all involved
See yourself in love and don’t forget to be yourself, because if you lose yourself, who can ultimately find you?
It’s like a tug of war between love and war
To avoid falling face forward into either side, you must pull as hard as the other side
Because though you may seem to be pulling apart, you’re really just strengthening the bond between you
It’s the moments when the world seems to crumbling around us, when the loss seems evident, and when every road seems closed
That truly make us human being
You’re built up by the things that fail at breaking you down
Goodbye love and heartbreak
With a new look at the tug of war between love and war
I’ll make sure I keep you two as far apart as possible

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