Monday, December 31, 2012

Rashid Hadee - YIM2012 (Mixtape)

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Rashid Hadee brings us "Year In Music 2012" a collection of songs highlighting his best collaborations, features and productions from the year 2012. Earlier this year he released "Aural Sex: The Search For Pinky Tuscadero" in February 2012 with 11video releases. Additionally, Rashid Hadee released various EPs ("Hadee To The Xtreme", "Rashid Hadee Meets Shemaiah Roberts" and "Out The Vault"). Now check out what Rashid is ending the year off with below.

Ando Ruckus & Black Matt - Sex, Drugs, Hurt, Feelings (EP)

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Ando Ruckus and Black Matt come together on this new EP called "Sex, Drugs, Hurt, Feelings" and their not sorry. Stream and download below.

Lyriq - So Good

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"So Good", the latest release from Lyriq, that the ladies will definitely love. This seem to be a loosie, so stay tuned for more from Lyriq.

Tree - Tree Featuring The City (Mixtape)

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Tree looks represent all sides of Chicago equally with his new mixtape "Tree Featuring The City". For this tape he enlist many Chicago bringing them together for this NYE release. Download below.

Murph Watkins - Gangway Freestyle (Video)

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Murph Watkins decided to film a freestyle as he spits over Lil Herb's Gangway instrumental.

Fatboi Fresh & Tree - Nobody

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"Tree Featuring The City" drops today, but in the meantime enjoy Fat Boi Fresh and Tree on "Nobody".

Dank Dooley - Who Shot Ya?

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Dank Dooley comes with his last single of 2013. This track is off his upcoming mixtape "Grind" which is being put together as I type. Press play and enjoy this old school hip hop feel.

Tink - Blunts & Ballads (Mixtape)

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The young emcee who also sings, recently released her mixtape "Blunts and Ballads", hosted by DJ Victoriouz and DJ Reese. This tape starts off strong and finishes strong, switches it up as the tape progresses, Tink shows not only the rap skills but hits you wit some vocals as well. Hit the download link below and check out the video for track number one.

Griffen - Forever Rollup (Duff Me Off)

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Griffen return with some new music this NYE, borrowing Future track "Never End", on a track he calls "Forever Rollup".

Saturday, December 29, 2012

LEP Bogus Boys - Its On Me

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Something new from LEP, taken from Bigga Rankin's "WRNR Exclusives" mixtape, called "It's On Me". Also check them out feature on Jigg's "Clapped".

ShowYouSuck - All Gold On My Everything

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ShowYouSuck takes over Trinidad James, for his version of "All Gold Everything". Catch Show at the Bottom Lounge on January 12, 2013.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A-Way - Hate and Handshakes (Album)

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A-Way way is back, with his new album "Hate and Handshakes". He brings us thirteen new tracks with features from Bert Kenerson, Maserati Deeder and more, with production from C-Sick, Onaje Jordan, Tapez just to name a few. This album is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Rich Jones & Danimal Tha Choppa - Superman High (Video)

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New video from Rich Jones and Danimal Tha Choppa, from collaborative effort "Indian Summer", for "Superman High". If you haven't already download the mixtape now.

Roman Flowrs ft. Ameerah - Penthouse II

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For the 3rd installment of #FlowrFridays Roman links up with the songstress Amerrah on his self produced "Penthouse II"

Neak ft. Dave Dovyn - Slander (Video)

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Directed and Edited By Aaron Perkins, Jr.

The 10th video from the album, "Love Greater // The Prequel", check it out as Neak comes with the them lyrics that touches the heart, in "Slander".

Saba ft. Martin $ky - Knowing

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Saba and Martin $ky's very dope collabo from Saba's project "GETCOMFORTable" which is available for download now.

Nicholaus Kane - Hatin' On

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New single from Nicholaus kane, called "Hatin' On" produced by Tony Baines, bringing a glimpse of the dynamic flow that fans can look forward to on Kane's EP. Kane's new project "Cool Reincarnated" will be dropping very soon so stay tuned.

Ibn Inglor - Cold Winter

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Ibn's "GawdsSpeed" album is on the way, so here is the second single titled "Cold Winter" produced by PGMW and featuring his signature flow.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ebone Hoodrich - Like Me (Video)

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Shot & edited by Seuss Leroy

New video from Ebone for his single "Like Me", produced by Diamond Gun. 

TreStyle - The Jungle (Video)

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Directed by AT7iLA

TreStyle brings his third video release, from his mixtape "Dark Days, bright Nights", for the track "The Jungle", produced by Kurtis Toledo.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DJ Such N Such ft. Mick Jenkins - Negro League

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Such N Such and Mick Jenkins collab on this new release called "Negro League", with Mick Jenkins providing some tough rhymes. Drop a comment let em know what you think.

Boss Woo - Murda Rap (Video)

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Directed by SefAndQue

Getting closer to the release of "12 Rounds", the upcoming mixtape from Boss Woo, he drops the video for his single "Murda Rap". Want the mp3? Get it here.

Lucci Vee ft. Chella H - KOD (Remix)

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Prod. by Vybe

Lucci Vee's single "King of Diamonds" gets remixed with help Chella H.

Shout to DJ Sean Mac

PromoDave presents "Tug Of War" (Poem)

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Promo Dave of FOC returns with a new reading from you all. This new piece, titled "Tug of War", focuses on love and heartbreak, and digs into what may strengthen a relationship.

"Tug of War"
Hello love and heartbreak
To be so distant, why is there such a thin line between you?
It’s like a tug of war between love and war
As we lean over the edge, we lose the balance of our own strength when depending on another
But that’s not how love should be; we should be powered by another
Giving up yourself should be followed by an exchange of your significant other’s power
Love for love, 50/50, nothing more, nothing less
In relationships, in friendships, in acquaintanceships, in work environments, the tug should be equal
But some people just don’t see how their selfishness affects those around them
In your hunt for love, are you expecting more than you’re giving out?
Selfishness versus selflessness
Which side of the border do you fall on?
Are you so dependent on others that you only take to make yourself feel better?
Or are you willing to sacrifice yourself with the love of another being your repayment?
Losing yourself in love helps neither party, as one constantly must do the leading to a dependent follower
Finding love and seeing yourself in it is the best available option for any and all involved
See yourself in love and don’t forget to be yourself, because if you lose yourself, who can ultimately find you?
It’s like a tug of war between love and war
To avoid falling face forward into either side, you must pull as hard as the other side
Because though you may seem to be pulling apart, you’re really just strengthening the bond between you
It’s the moments when the world seems to crumbling around us, when the loss seems evident, and when every road seems closed
That truly make us human being
You’re built up by the things that fail at breaking you down
Goodbye love and heartbreak
With a new look at the tug of war between love and war
I’ll make sure I keep you two as far apart as possible

Fredo Santana ft. King Louie - Got Myself (Video)

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Directed by Zae, check out this new video from Fredo Santana featuring King Louie called "Got Myself".

Ramaj Eroc - Relate

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Ramaj Eroc tries his hand at Lil' Reese's recent release "Relate". Ramaj looks to drop his album in the summer of 2013 titled "Fall of '96".

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Phony Ppl & Kids These Days - Mary Christmas

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Kids These Day and Brooklyn's Phony Ppl come together for a Christmas gift for the masses in the form of a  track release called "Mary Christmas". Enjoy!

Forever Chi Compilation 2012 (Mixtape)

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"Forever Chi", which can expanded to, forever shall I love Chicago, or, forever shall I be a Chicago nigga, or whatever you make of it. This is a compilation of exclusives, submissions, and good releases, featuring known and unknown, but all good music, from the Chicago music scene. Holding 20 tracks, this tape features Ramaj Eroc, Pavy, Wheatie, Martin $ky and more. Stream and download below.

Monday, December 24, 2012

furiou$tylez & Vic Lloyd Present: Puttin' The Street Back In Streetwear III (Mixtape)

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"Puttin' The Street Back In Streetwear III", presented by furiou$tylez & Vic Lloyd brings you exclusive & some new tracks from heavyweights King L, GLC, Naledge, Skooda Choose, Residue Reed, Giftz, Maserati Deeder & Blanco Caine, Vic Spencer, Agacee and more. Holding 21 tracks this is plenty material to bump during Christmas trips or whenever. Stream and download below.

Lolah Brown ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - History (Video)

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Directed by Davy Greenberg

Coming off the 777 tour with Rihanna, Lolah Brown along side Chicago's own BJ The Chicago Kid release a new video for her track "History". 

King Louie - Nobody Gonna Move Me + Official Cover & Tracklist

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"Puttin' The Street Back In Streetwear III" release is nearing, so furiou$tylez and Vic Lloyd presents this new track from King Louie called "Nobody Gonna Move Me". Check out the tracklist for this mixtape below.

Tragedy Tha Beast talks, his career and recent mixtape release

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Tragedy talks Chicago, the gap in project release and his recent mixtape release "Back On Bullshit" with TellAVisionENT.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Midwest Minute Radio, Jan 9th 2013, tune in

No comments: with a little help from us is proud to present the 2013 Kickoff of our weekly internet radio show. Now called the "Midwest Minute Radio Show", the focus intensifies on Midwest mcs as our new fomat allows us to talk directly with tastemakers from every Midwest town EVERY WED 8-10PM. Bringing our region that much closer. Also, handpicking 3 up and coming artist from different midwest cities to have a live mixtape listening session on-air.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New single from Pevie, "I Deserve It" coming soon

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The KMOKM boss, Pevie has been working toward the release of his new project "King Amongst Men" and at the top of the new year we will get a new single from him called "I Deserve It".

Eli ft. Calez - AK-47

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A beat that knocks with an attention grabbing hook on "AK-47", from the new comer Eli along side Calez with production from Hero George. Expect to hear this on Eli's upcoming mixtape "America's Past Rhymes" dropping next Thursday.

Murph Watkins - Gangway Freestyle

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Murph drops a nice little demonstration over, Lil Herb's "Gangway" produced by DJ L.

Showtime - Jealous (Video)

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Directed by Dominique Robinson

GMG artist Showtime return with a new visual for his track "Jealous".

Friday, December 21, 2012

JeanYus - On The House (Video)

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Directed by Q Hefna

After linking up with Amir Soze, for "On The House", JeanYus drops a new video for the track. Be on the look out for his upcoming project "Godzilla", dropping in mid January.

Martin $ky - Icy

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With an album coming early 2013 we get a new track from Martin $ky called "Icy".

Roman Flowrs - XXXtra Speacial (BeatTape)

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Stepping away from the booth and hitting the key boards, Roman Flowrs shows his skills as a beat maker with "XXXtra Special". This set of instrumental consist of 13 of productions including bonus. Stream below to see what Roman's beats sound like.

Phero ft. Scheme - III

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Phero continues to release single from his project titled The Five Columns (I,II,III,IV,V). Today we get "III" featuring Scheme. If you the last two release check them out here: "I" "II"

Omen - A Brief Moment

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Omen a s usual bring thought provoking lyrics in  "A Brief Moment" as continues to release good music for the fans.
"Last night, I was thinking about all of the talk about the world ending and just life in general. Chopped up a sample and it all eventually led me to this. We still here, ha."

Troy Boy - Don Veto (Video)

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Troy Boy of Second City Citizens releases his first video of his recent album "Troy Boy For President" Produced by Montana.

Skooda Chose's artwork for upcoming mixtape, "Vulture Kulture"

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Skooda Chose present the artwork for "Vulture Kulture", design by Keke Danelle Walker, which we can expect in  early February.
"This is Chose's best work to date ..... nothing short of high quality hip hop for the streets! Expect to see plenty visuals and recordings off the project in the incoming weeks! #KLEGANG " 

Kembe X - Soundtrack II Armageddon (Video)

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Directed by Gregory Buissereth for TEHO Media

Kembe X releases his first video for the title track to his upcoming EP, "Soundtrack II Armageddon".

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Black Matt & Ando Ruckus - SDHF

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"Sex, drugs, rock n roll, pissin' in public" check out Black Matt and Ando Ruckus on this recent release "SDHF"

EMP DASME ft. Gzus Piece - Trill A$$ Nigga (Video)

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EMP and Treated Crew's Gzus Piece come together for this turnt up video for "Trill A$$ Nigga", directed by J. Krown.

Jean Deaux - Delilah

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New single from Jean Deaux called "Delilah" which we will see on her upcoming project "Soular System" in the near future. Catch her performing along side No Name and Supreme Regime January 4 2013 for "Unveiled". Checkout the info here

Lil Reese - Relate (Video)

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New video from Lil' Reese drops a new video shot by Zae for the track "Relate". Reese has an upcoming project in the works so stay tuned.

Que B.I.L.L.A.H. - The Sick Sense (Video)

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Directed by Da Visionaryz

In trouble with the law for killing the rap game. Bailed, after pleading temporary insanity, due to the fact that he sees dead rappers, Billah channels  the Ghost of The Notorious B.I.G., in this new video "The Sick Sense".
"No rapper is safe"

Kain ft. Chuck L.I. - Every Word

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Been a while since I've posted anything from Kain, June 29th to be exact, but we're not going to get into that. Kain comes with a new single today featuring Chuck L.I. on "Every Word" which will be on his upcoming project "Sincerely Kain" dropping early 2013.

JUGRNAUT Holiday collection now available

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This is Just one of there many recent release from their holiday collection that have dropped this week which you should checkout at there store on 427 S Dearborn St. or on at their online JUGRNAUT store. (See front of hoodie below).

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 2 of Diamond ft. Tink - Fluid

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2oD returns with a new single featuring Tink with some intoxicating lyrics on "Fluid" produced by Trakk Addicts. This single is off the upcoming project "J4F2". 

Saba - GETCOMFORTable (Album)

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Saba and PIVOT has seen their buzz grow this year and its only right that he ends the year off with a good project. Presented by RubyHornet and HOTC, here is Saba's "GETCOMFORTable", holding 14 track with features from Jean Deaux, Martin $ky and others with production from himself, Saba, Strawberry Jam, Thelonious Martin and more.

International Maverick - Birds Eye View (Video)

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Directed by J. spealz

International Mav brings you that dream catcher music with this new video release "Bird Eye View". 

Julian Malone - 7 Milli (Video)

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The latest single "7Milli" get the visual treatment as we approach the release date to his upcoming project "Diff.Rnt". He also announced that he signed to indie label Stones Throw, congrat to the kid.

Road Scholar Lifestyle "theGO" tees/hoodies

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Agacee recently presented his "theGO" tees and hoodies featuring such a simple design that can be interpreted in multiple was. Shop now, for the "theGO" product plus more, get free shipping Road Scholar Lifestyle.

Hona Costello - Walk of Fame

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Hona Costello has been working on finishing his album "Penelope", which we will get some time early next year. But here is a recently released single with production from JRB on "Walk of Fame". Expect a video for this single in the near future (Checkout the trailer).

Chief Keef ft. FTR Drama - GO (Video)

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Direct by Antuks

Chief Keef teams up with  Pittsburg’s FTR Drama on a recent video for their collaborative track "GO". Keef debut album "Finally Rich", dropped yesterday and is available on iTunes. Lookout for FTR's upcoming project "Famous" February 2013.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mike Schpitz & Slot-A - Have You Seen My Stapler? (Album)

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"Have You Seen My Stapler?", the collaborative effort from Mike Schpitz and Slot-A, is finally here, holding 10 original records. The project is available on iTunes and can listen on Spotify. Stream the full album below.

Xspo - Xspeezy Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

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"Xspeezy Vol. 1", the latest mixtape release from Xspo is finally here after multiple single and videos fan can enjoy the whole project. This will lead to the releas of his EP, "Better With Time". "Xspeezy Vol. 1" comes as the beginning of an ongoing series, Xspeezy features his all-popular anthem, "Not Me," as well as exclusive freestyles over 50 Cent's "New Day" and more. Stream and download below.

Saba - Reggie

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New music from Saba, from his new project "GETCOMFORTable" dropping later on today, on a record titled "Reggie" produced by Thelonious Martin and IKON . He also dropped a promo video for the mixtape which you can check out below.

Black Table Committee - Show Em Where You At

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Chicago duo Black Table Committee (King Jeanyus & Infamous) release a new track entitled "Show Em Where They At".

Monday, December 17, 2012

Omen ft. Brecan - Precognition (Should've Listened)

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Previously unreleased, Omen gives fans a lost track which I guess would have made "Glorious Cool" EP. This track features songstress Brecan along side Omen, "Precognition"
"In the process of making Afraid of Heights, I made a lot of songs. Some of those songs were lost in a computer error. But, tonight I have one I wanna release that didn’t make the final cut. It’s unmixed due to that computer error and losing the files, so some vocals made me low here and there. But, I wanted to share this song with you all. I provided the lyrics as well to help with the mix issue. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think. It features a great singer from Chicago, named Brecan. Love y’all.

Tree ft. Blanco Caine - Something Mean (Video)

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"Tree Featuring the City" is on the way but in the meantime enjoy this TEHO directed video from Tree featuring Blanco Caine with a cameo from Maserati Deeder.

COLDeSACK - Days Of Our Lives (EP)

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COLDeSACK is an upcoming producer from Chicago whom you've might have came across in his work for SaveMoney. He drops off some new instrumentals in the form of an EP featuring eight track, including a bonus. Check out his production work below.

Chuck L.I. - Pray

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Chuck L.I. drops a loosie, with a message of reminder to pray every once in a while, over some Saba production. Expect more music from Chuck in the near future.

Substance ft. Vic Spencer - Streets Says So (Video)

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Substance returns with a new video for "Streets Say So" off their latest mixtape release "Contra", shot and produced by Dekaderse.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A.M. (Abstrak Mind) - Give A Toast (Video)

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Directed by Alex Alicia

A.M. returns with a new visual for "Give A Toast" which is track number 16 on his last mixtape release "A Painted Thought".

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Alex Wiley ft. Lil' Nikk N9ne - Something To Say

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New music from the Chi emcee Alex Wiley along side newcomer Lil' Nikk N9ne, expressing their dislike for those who love to run their mouth. Alex is working on his new project Club Wiley dropping on the indie label  Closed Sessions.

Roman Flowrs ft. Dart - Art of Trappin'

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1st Installment of #FLOWRFRidays every friday for the next month Roman will b releasing new music and or visuals. This dropped yesterday and features Dart and produced by Roman Flowrs & Stress On The Beat.

Xspo - Chi Nation [Freestyle]

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Prepping to release his fourth mixtape, "Xpeezy Vol. 1," next week, Xspo has provided listeners with a sneak peek of what's in store with "Chi-Nation". 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Paypa - H.O.T.R. 3: Kim Jong Ill (Mixtape)

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Continuing his mixtape his "Henny on the Rocks" series, Paypa return with the third installment "Kim Jong Ill". Paypa provides eighteen tracks including single releases with features from Cooked I, French Montana and other. Stream the full mixtape below and download.