Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chicago's Freestyling with "Chitown Cypher"

Freestyling, the most known form of rap for its free form, that many artist use to practice and improve their skills or to just have fun. One way many rappers start out is with freestyling, playing around with it, not yet taking it serious, then upon feeling that they have the skills or because of praise, it is no longer a hobby.  Over periods of time, many people have looked to reach a single definition of what freestyling is. Some have debated that in a freestyle cyphers, rap lyrics are improvised, straight off the top. While another way to freestyle can be written in free form, with no particular subject.

Here in Chicago a fairly new organization has recently given artist a platform for strictly freestyling. Chitown Cypher, has featured a number of artist, some who we've post here on Chi-City Hip Hop, holding freestyle sessions in different locations around the city. The bases of there short events is getting some artist to come together for a cypher that include Chicago rappers or rappers transplants in the local scene, pick a location and hopefully get some great freestyles. In these cyphers you have the good, the decent, and the trash, checkout some of the sessions below.

There most recent freestyle session included Jay2, Taylor Bennett, Justiiice, Jonny and Logan. Shot along the Chicago River and film by Griffin Thomas. Checkout more here and their Youtube page.

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