Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PromoDave - The Motions (Poem)

PromoDave presents his new piece following a little hiatus, brings you "The Motions". This piece is center around the ups and downs in life we face, which everyone goes through, with encouragement to keep going. Check it out below.

What’s there to do when the one you want, no longer wants to work with you towards unity?No matter how complete the parts are, one broken piece disturbs the compositionThat’s just the up and down motionsOne moment together, the next apart, we can never truly be certain of the desires of another’s heartForever together, temporarily separated, substantial separation or somewhere caught in the middleIs it worth it? Or will things never change?Will they still be there when you come back? Will you still want them when they get themselves together?Free yourself before you constraint yourself with another individualHow can you reach the sky with another when your mind is still grounded?Can you see the sunshine if you let stress hold your head down?Shake it off, begin a new motionClouded mind opened by new ambitions and free with no inhibitionsOpportunities come to those that wait but are used by those with deeper intuitionThoughts based on future gain eliminate those shattered by previous painNew ambitions from the clouded mind are always gained following a full rainEmbrace carrying a heavy load, makes dealing with the light an easier taskLife is unfair, only promised a birth and a deathBut the more negative you take on, there is an abundance of positive for the restKeep going through the motionsOnly stop for breaths, scenery, thoughts, and reflectionAnd keep it moving as you master your next life lesson 

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