Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Devotion: A Tree Documentary (Video)

Standing out with a unique sound, a gritty voice and soulful production, Tree standouts among a growing stigma, I've heard in recent, of "all Chicago artist sound the same". Since dropping "Sunday School" and then part2: "When Church Let's Out", we've seen Tree continue to develop his sound and the audience grow.
"In July of 2012, Tree watched Danny Brown perform at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival. Soon after, Tree predicted that he too would grace the Pitchfork stage and be counted amongst a group of talented musicians pushing Chicago music forward in 2013. Tree accomplished those goals through the release of his honest, genuine, and urgently grimy Sunday School projects, the most recent volume – When Church Lets Out – was released in May of 2013. The releases earned him critical acclaim, and a coveted performance slot at Pitchfork Fest 2013."
Back in 2012 indie label, Closed Sessions, documented Tree success in performing at Pitchfork Fest 2013. We get insight into how he wants to leave his stamp in the music scene as well as viewing a video archive of what went down leading up to his performance.

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