Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ju' Malone Teases with Details from "Diffrnt"

A shorten name and a new project on the way and plenty of material to enjoy. Ju Malone, whose far from a monotone and simple rapper, seem to keep our interest peaked. Since announcing that he would be dropping "Diffrnt" we've gotten a number of great records from him, some singles and other just loosies, and a mini documentary of working with Closed Sessions.

The latest "Chicago Zoo", he takes on an Ol' Dirty instrumental, for a little ish talk that keeps your head rocking as soon as he starts spitting. He also has shown his skills as a producer, on a previous single "Let Me Go" providing muffled guitar riffs, as he explained it, "basically I'm telling the world to get off my dick". Another track he produced, which was marked as the first official single from "Diffrnt" was the song "Tokyo", a mellow production, wrapped around the tale of being a youngster with dreams and on his way to become a star in this game.

In a recent post on his personal page, Malone dropped some minor details of what's to come. Over time we heard a taste of what's to come from his upcoming album so what else is one the way? Well, Ju' Malone's single "Let Me Go" will get the visual treatment. There may even be a different version of the song in which the new video will accompany.

 Malone teased with some details of how the project came about and what to expect starting off with the songs featured. Though we haven't received a official track listing there will be 12 original tracks featured and 3 bonus tracks. If you didn't know already (after a number of date changes), "Diffrnt" is set to be release October 1st, yes at the top of the month. He must have felt really inspired over a two week period as he says that's the length of time it took to write the albums 12 songs. Last he reveals that his upcoming album is a sequel to a Summer album concept he had back in 2011, called “Noizz”.

If you're looking forward to this album, like I am, then these little details may have you itching for this release. Expect more in the coming future, and stay tuned for the first its coming.

Update: Since writing Julian Malone has made some change, such as the release of the upcoming project and how the project title will be presented.

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