Monday, September 30, 2013

Pick Three: September

Written by Curtis

Something new for the readers, Today Chi-City Hip Hop brings you an end of the month segment called "Pick Three". This is an opinion segment, where a writer picks three post, from the current month, that stood out to them or that's been added to a playlist and have it on repeat. I don't like long lists so we're just picking three, its that simple.

In no particular order, each month's post will hold three singles, sometimes all mixtapes, maybe all videos, or two singles and mixtape,etc etc.

Check it out below and let me know your three.

Mick Jenkins - The Water
I loved the production but I loved what he was saying even more. The hook could easily get stuck in your head as he repeated "Water's more important than the gold" but it's what he compares it to and how he does is what caught my attention.  He plays on the importance of water and points out other element that overshadow it, as to compare this with the music industry we all love. This is far from another song that speaks of something with substance with monotone raps, you'll be rocking your head back and forth to this one.

Vic Spencer - Illusion of Movement
Part of his Red Button series that fell on his birthday, Vic Spencer came with the quotable bars, no hook just spitting , with production from DC. This track was on replay as I blasted this song out my big speakers connected to my PS3. At the end he teases us with a little beat switch up as he says they'll be a part two.

Chris LeSage - Waves
Produced by Chris himself, this track stood out to me in the beginning with a pulsing sound that faded in and out and continued on throughout the song. The production caught my attention as much as his voice, which draws you in and keeps interested, going hand in hand. This is definitely a record that you can sit back and enjoy as you listen in his proclamation to be over a past love and getting back to his old "Waves".

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