Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tree Expands SoulTrap With New Merch

Developing and delivering a sound of his own, at a point where many claim that artist in Chicago often sound the same, Tree has given us SoulTrap. His ear for bringing you soulful samples that are chopped in to hip hop rhythms, where he tells life experiences and stories from the streets, have garnered him a certain amount of success.  Since first hearing his music on"Pluto" to "Riding Round" from the "Tree EP" to the "Sunday School One & Two" mixtape installments we've heard Tree grow in terms of developing and gaining momentum of notoriety of the sound he brings.

Tree now expands the sound of SoulTrap into a brand as he brings us some new merchandise. Above he presents three new shirts for the first issue of tees. As of now, Tree and team are building the website but in the meantime hit him up at to get them now.

Stay tuned for more info plus checkout the latest music from Tree below.

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