Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sinking Ceilings by PromoDave

PromoDave who you've seen many of his writing featured on Chi-City Hip Hop drops off his latest piece called "Sinking Ceilings".

Read below.

Sinking Ceilings 
When it all can fall down, it all seems to
When you’re at your lowest point, that’s when you seem to fall deeper too
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right, so why can stress nearly take our lives?
It’s because we live too much on the edge, tilting between realistic behavior and foolish pride
On the road of life, we navigate through road blocks of all varieties of sizes
And truly break ourselves down by what we let get inside
Of us, throughout the daily motions, we have to choose our proper influences
For if we keep the wrong around us, the negative will get in
Similar to building a home with a solid foundation but a sinking ceiling
Doesn’t matter how strong our heart is, if we don’t take time in the consideration of our feelings
Such as our thoughts, shall be our lives, so think peace and hope shall spring eternal
But allow an evil belief or being to enter your presence and a steady decline shall occur
Like attempting to fix a leak ceiling with a few buckets instead of relaying the entire surface
When we push problems to the back instead of addressing them, they’ll pick the wrong time to surface
When it all can fall down, it all seems to
But not if you’re prepared to pick yourself back up and continue on
You’ve done this before, mastering one issue after another, so what’s holding you back now?
Nothing should be able to hold you back as long as you are there to hold yourself up
When it comes to your success, sinking should never be an option, as there’s no ceiling for your growth

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