Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scheme & DJ Scend - Pocket Full of Pesos (Mixtape)

Teaming up for a new project Scheme and DJ Scend bring us "Pocket Full of Pesos. On this 23 track project you will find feature from Astonish and Jamal Science, Clew Rock and Oscar Castillo
Scheme & DJ Scend team up to bring to you Pocket Full of Pesos. A mixtape which focuses on the MC and the DJ; beats and rhymes. The purpose was to bring back the essence of the mixtape. An MC showcasing his skills, and his DJ blending/mixing the entire thing together. They brought it back to where a mixtape was made to demonstrate skills without any rules. Pocket Full of Pesos is 1 hour of music; non-stop and without filler.

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