Monday, December 2, 2013

Scholar Originals Capsule Collection

You may have seen the words "Fuck School Be a Scholar" across your tumblr or instagram. Creator of the the brand Road Scholar Lifestyle, Agacee, brings us his philosophy through this brand as he drops new pieces from the Scholar Originals Capsule Collection. The lookbook is available here, and the online store is here, see something you like grab it.

Checkout editorial piece "Fuck School Be A Scholar" below.

 by Agacee
Go to school, graduate, get a job…driled in our heads from birth. LEARN, APPLY, CREATE is how we SHOULD live. Knowledge is key, a school is a building. Learning is in the mind. Learning is in the actions you take. We don’t diss education, we diss the system. What are you being taught? What are you reading? Who do you depend on for the outcome of your brain’s function? Parents are only at fault for so long. Many teachers end up baby-sitting more than teaching. School curriculum are not tailored to the new world we’re living in. Learning should be habitual, and something you should volunteer to do daily. Many of us think, once school is over, learning is also. How do you continue to grow? The brain is as much a muscle as the bicep, yet far more important.  
We’re hit with branded messaging constantly dictating how we spend, where our hearts and mind should focus, and what we should crave. Do you think for yourself anymore? Do you know what to wear without someone telling you? Read, just because. Write, just because. Wear what you want to wear because you like it, not because your favorite artist had it on. Pick a profession you want to pursue with passion, and not because you feel its the safe choice. Never be afraid to listen to music your friends wouldn’t approve of. Obsess with being great to YOUR standards. Never pick schools for prestige, pick the school that will help you along your path. Get your hands dirty. Work your brain until it hurts. Put yourself out there, and never worry how you’re perceived. Blaze the trail, and people will follow. Be a scholar of art, music, food, comic books, coffee, exercise, science, coding, fashion, farming, physics, math, writing, instrumentation, parenting, relationships, app-making, public speaking, marathon running, boxing, basketball, heart surgery, carpentry, plumbing, painting, and ping pong!! Just create NOW. Stop being afraid. FUCK THE SYSTEM, and everyone that wants to box you in. Innovate. LIVE…

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