Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pick Three - A Album, A Video, & A Single [August]

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Something new for the readers, Today Chi City Hip Hop brings you an end of the month segment called "Pick Three". This is an opinion segment, where I pick three post, from the current month, that stood out to me or that I've added to my playlist and have it on repeat. I don't like long lists so we're just picking three, its that simple.

In no particular order, each month's post will hold three singles, sometimes all mixtapes, maybe all videos, or just singles.

Check it out below and let me know your three.

Xspo - Hyper (Mixtape)

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After putting "Better With Time" on the back burner, he announce he would release another project. That turned out to be "Hyper", an eleven track mixtape holding features from Boy Illinois on "Time", Nick Astro "UFOs", and Flame Marley "Deceitful". Xspo explained that he took a different approach with this project, so check it out below.

AK (Do or Die) - Bugatti

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AK hops on Ace Hood's "Bugatti" for his own version, as he plans to bring you new music for the next seven weeks which will lead up to his new project “Midnight Creepin”. Do or Die has been busy touring while Belo and Nard are both working on solo projects as well. We may get a nw Do or Die album, so stay tuned.

Friday, August 30, 2013

MFnMelo - Juvenile

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Prod. by Joseph Chilliams

PIVOT's MFnMelo drops off a new single, called  "Juvenile" which we'll hear on his upcoming "MeloDramatics" mixtape. You'll also hear his on the upcoming PIVOT Gang's "JIMMY" mixtape as the collective come together to show you what crew as a whole has to offer.

Sin & Mic V - ChiiSoChill (Video)

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"ChiiSoChill", the new single from, Sin and Mic V who of WWNNN who come together as Young Prophets, gets the visual treatment, as they prepare their upcoming project "The Redline Project".

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Caleb James - 6AM (Video)

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Directed and Edited by Brandon "N2ition" Riley

Caleb James brought you "The Jones" mixtape in July and one of the tracks featured was the very fun "6AM". This record samples Snoop Dogg's "Jin & Juice", but also gives a praise to the classic video that Snoop and Dre shot. Simply said, its a fun track with a very fun video they you're going to enjoy,

BoDi Deeder ft. Thunda - GPS

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Bodi prepares his "28" project and drops off this new joint featuring Superstar YT(Thunda) "GPS" Just to let you know, they know exactly where everything they'll need is.

Jugrnaut's Dame tee & Marley tee Available Sunday

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Two new Dame and Marley Tees, that were featured in their “Summer of Love in the City of Hate” lookbook with be available this Sunday. In the meantime view more of the Dame and Marley tees on the Jugrnaut blog. “Summer of Love in the City of Hate” featured 15 new pieces, some which are already available and some will available very soon. 

Jay2's 'Pre-Mixtape "Visions" Show' 9.8.13

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Preparing for the release of his new project Jay 2, OTG Management, and Distinguished Gorillaz the 'Pre-Mixtape "Vision" Showcase'. On Sunday Sept 8th, Jay 2 'The KiDD Classic' will be throwing his pre-mixtape release party at Subterranean with performances from Patman, The Palmer Squares, KiDD Tha Chicagoan, Sunnie Storm and more, plus a special guest performance. Checkout the event on Facebook and buy tickets Here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Martin $ky x Jugrnaut Listening Party

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Martin $ky says the "Time(Less)" project is done but I would say it not fully complete until its released. So to give the people a listen while interacting, $ky will be hosting a listening party for his new project at Jugrnaut's clothing store next month. It all goes down Sunday, September 15th from 4-6pm.

He also dropped a little video for you to enjoy so check it out below.

Real T@lk ft. L.A. VanGogh & Lili K - Trill Flow Pt. 2 (Video)

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Directed by Dartise

Joined by Lili K and L.A. VanGogh, Real T@lk brings you the new video for his record "Trill Flow Pt 2". For his latest video, its set in a art exhibit, as he they explain its a "Jazz-meets-Trill artsy visual". This single is from Real T@lk's project "The Talented Tenth 8.0" which is still available for download.

Bubble Eye - Bored, Broke, Frustrated (EP)

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Giving you the what he's experienced during his hardships in 2013, and to letting you know this will not be his situation forever, Bubble Eye drops off a new project titled "Bored, Broke, Frustrated". This project holds 10 tracks, features NEM with production credits from Jonny Yayo, Jamal Shabazz and others.

Xspo talks coming shows, Graphic Design work For DC's Nike Nando

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In a sit down with Xspo, we get to hear about his other talents. He been doing work for some artist here in Chicago, and outside of the city. He's done worked for DC artist Nike Nando provided artwork for a number of artist in Chicago, and is looking to do more. check out what he had to say above.

Xspo's latest project "Hyper" is nearly here, as it the official release will be August 30th. I also had the chance to hear some music and he definitely has some good things in store.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lil' Durk ft. French Montana - L's Anthem Remix (Video)

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Since teaming up with French Montana'a Coke Boyz, Durk announced a remix to his hit L's Anthem. Today they liberate the the visual which feature OTF and the Coke Boyz. Expect Lil' Durk upcoming mixtape "Sign To The Streets".

Spenzo - Don't Stop It

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Spenzo drops off a new track, that we'll most likely see many nice round ass dropping it to this song. Check out this new one called "Don't Stop It" and check out Spenzo's latest project "In Spenzo We Trust".

Tragedy Tha Beast - The Manifestation (Album)

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 photo Tragpromodraft6copy.jpg
There have definitely been some solid release, and being one that has never lacked on in his lyrics, the Beast brings you his latest project. "The Manifestation" holds 14 new tracks and features Kenlo Key, A-Way, Jamal Mar, and more. Tragedy Tha Beast looks to top his previous releases with this one. Check what he had to say and download below.
"I am very proud to present to you, The Manifestation LP. This is truly my best body of work thus far. Everything from the title, to the album cover, to the music is meant to symbolize my transition from sitting in front of my computer writing rhymes to becoming a respected artist in the city of Chicago and eventually FURTHER BEYOND. I feel this project is only the commencement of what's to come from me musically. A big shout out and thank you to all the producers and fellow artists that contributed to this opus - I'm grateful, know dat! I hope you all enjoy, It's tha BEAST B!tch!"

King Samson - Fuck Fame: Street God Edition (Mixtape)

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Hosted by DJ MoonDawg, today we get a new project from King Samson with a statement to make "Fuck Fame", cause its not about being a favorable character. This new release holds twelve new tracks to enjoy the "street god's" style. Check it out below, listen download enjoy.

Kembe X - Rap Game (Video)

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Kembe X dims the lights for this one, as spits some bars for the video to his track "Rap Game" from his project "Soundtrack II Armageddon".

Murph Watkins - Call Em' Freaks (Video)

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Directed By Brianna Lashé

For the Sani produced track from his "Loose Women N. Booze" mixtape, Murph Watkins drops a new video for track eleven, "Call Em' Freaks". The record features vocal from Midiori and the production you can vibe too while enjoying Watkins explanation of why he calls them freaks.
"You can try to lie and say this track ain't got no substance, but every living human had to crawl up out some pussy."
"Loose Women N' Booze" dropped earlier this year and is still available for download. Go get that now

Monday, August 26, 2013

MFnMelo, John Walt, & Saba - Take 1

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PIVOT Gangs MFnMelo, John Walt and Saba drops a new single, "Take 1" from the upcoming mixtape "Jimmy". Expect their new project to drop this September.

Nicholaus Kane - Toast 2 Life

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Nicholaus Kane comes through with a new single with a laid back vibe, called "Toast 2 Life". Expect to hear this on his upcoming project "Cool Reincarnated".

Be on the lookout for a new video for this single in the near future.

Chin Chilla Meek ft. Sasha Go Hard - You're All I Need

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Since returning to rotation in the local scene Murda Meek has been consistent with the releases. She's announced a new project in the works and even dropped a vlog to let her fans know what has been taking place in her career.

Today she teams up with Sasha Go Hard for a new song release called "You're All I Need", produced by DGainz, which samples the late Aaliyah's voice from "One In a Million". Stay tuned for more info on her upcoming project "SOS", as she would explain it, she's on some other shit.

Scheme - YNT

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Scheme and DJ Scend prepare to release their upcoming mixtape "Pocket Full of Pesos", set to impact September 23rd. The project will consist of songs from Scheme rapping over industry records that he release this past year. Pocket Full of Pesos serves as the first release in which Scheme will have both English and Spanish music.

Today he releases a new track over Prodigy and Domo Genesis "Young N Thuggin" record, giving you his perspective. 

Lungz ft. Logic - 20/20


Prod. by Cam(JUSTICE League)

Lungz links with Logic to hit you with that perfect vision, on "20/20". This comes as the first single from the upcoming album "Inebriation", set to drop on September 23rd. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dally Auston - Through The Wire

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With a his sophomore project in the works, Dally Auston, drops "Through The Wire", Not to be confused with Kanye's record, Dally gets production from collective OnGaud for a soulful sampled track. No word on the when he plans to release the upcoming project but at least we have a name, "Roses".

Ju' Malone - Let Me Go

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Bringing in some changes with announcements, Julian Malone who now is known simply as Ju' Malone, drops off a new record called "Let Me Go" as he says "basically I'm telling the world to get off my dick." His long awaited project Diff.Rnt gets a release date as we'll be hearing it October 1st. Stay tuned for more.

Lyriq - Sleepin (Video)

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Lyriq dropped this single eariler this year which featured Mikkey Halsted, called "Sleepin". Today he brings you the visual with direction from Peter K Jay and edited by Mugwing Media, minus the Halsted verse. If you're wondering where this record will land, expect to hear it on Lyriq's upcoming "Book of Lyriqs" project.

SD ft. Danny Brown - New World Order Remix (Video)

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Shot by Zae

Can't front, I like this, GBE's SD joins forces with the D's Danny Brown to bring you his new video from the remix of "New World Order". Download the original version of this record and more off his recent mixtape release "Life of a Savage 3"

Olow ft. Brian Fresco - Baby I Miss You

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Olow and Fresco team up for "Baby I Miss You", which seems to be a loose track produced by Chase the Ace.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taylor Bennett - Rolling With The God (Video)

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Shot by Verluxe

Taylor Bennett drops off his new video from "The Taylor Bennett Show" called "Rolling With The Gods". He brings an fast pace and aggressive style with a catch hook. If you want to hear more, him at Jugrnaut's August 31st, on Saturday from 4-6pm for his listening party to his latest project.

RMB Justize On The Beat

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Producer/Rapper, RMB Justize who's also 1/2 of Cool Neighbors, gives to the world some new sounds via his soundcloud. Two different sounds comes from him today as you get to hear a more chilled beast rightfully titled "Relaxation". The second sound from Justize called "Bombay x Pineapple", and is something that you can turneth up.

Gold Haze - Color Blind (Instrumental EP)

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 Gold Haze continues to showcase his beat making skills with a new instrumental EP. This new project holds nine beats and features some up and coming artist. Haze looks to drop a full beat tape this coming October called "Signs Are Everywhere". Enjoy the leading EP and lookout for more in the future.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Closed Sessions Radio w/ Andrew Barber

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JR Bang and DJ RTC brings you another podcast of Closed Session Radio. In preparation for tomorrow's (8/24) Closed Sessions Live with Evidence, theWHOevers, and Young Giftz, they include a mix of Dilated Peoples & Evidence joints. Later in the show FSD's founder Andrew Barber joins them to talk Chicago Hip Hop, No Limit and more.

Kanye West - Bound 2.5 (Remixed by Na$im Williams)

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Producer and Treated member Na$im Williams felt that too many mediocre "Bound 2" mixes have been release. So he decides to bring you his spin on it with "Bound 2.5". Stay tune for more beat production from Na$im and a new project on the way.

Preview: Tragedy Tha Beast "The Manifestation"

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Tragedy has already dropped singles from his upcoming album, "The Manifestation", now he gives you a preview of whats to come. If you've been intune, some release he's dropped "Love U To Deat", "Young Niggas", "Manifest Destiny". These have definitely been some solid release, and being one that has never lacked on in his lyrics, now you get taste of what he has to offer.

On August 27th we'll hear the full project holding 14 new records including single releases. Get a preview of what's to come below.

Neak ft. Slot-A - Do What You Love (Video)

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Directed by Aaron Perkins Jr.

Do what you love to do and make sure you enjoy doing, later in you'll have no regrets. Neak and Slot-A encourage us all to do just that in this new video for last months track release "Do What You Love". Neak has being working on his new project "Paura/Amore" and this is just a offering to hold fans over until its here. Stay tune for more info on the upcoming project.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dally Auston - W$GTM: Chopped & Screwed (Video)

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Directed by Verluxe

Dally Auston dropped a pretty good project, and one of the stand out records were "W$GTM", repping for his side of town. The record and video gets a Huston touch, slowed, chopped, and screwed, by Nostalgia Label. If you missed Dally's project "The Wood", its still available slide and check it out.

ProbCause & Vic Spencer - Monster Trucks

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Produced by Doc Da Mind Benda and Wes P, The Grindhouse has produced a many dope tracks, and here is a new one featuring Vic Spencer and ProbCause. Expect to hear this on the upcoming "Welcome to The Grindhouse" compilation dropping soon.

Lil' Reese - I Need That (Video)

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New video from Reese for a song called "I Need That" with a hard hitting beat. Lil' Reese upcoming project "Supa Savage" may or may not be on the way so stay tune.

Reno Chinati - Ca$hKingz (BeatTape)

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Reno Chinati shows he's multiple talented bring you the showing off his beat making skill with a instrumental tape. If you're in tune with him then you know he recently dropped off his mixtape "Ca$hKingz", he held all the production credit on the project and now presents his produced side. Check out the instrumental below.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tokyo Shawn - I Know You (Video)

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SaveMoney's Tokyo Shawn steps to the mic in his new video premiered by MTV. Shawn take on a soulful sampled production on this single called "I KnowYou".

Nick Carter Green ft. King Louie & Sir Michael Rocks - Summertime Chi

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After announcing a new EP on the way, Nick Carter Green drops off a new track featuring King Louie and Michael Rock celebrating the "Summertime Chi". Green upcoming project is titled "Roxanne" and is still in the works, stay tune for more info.

Chicago's Freestyling with "Chitown Cypher"

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Freestyling, the most known form of rap for its free form, that many artist use to practice and improve their skills or to just have fun. One way many rappers start out is with freestyling, playing around with it, not yet taking it serious, then upon feeling that they have the skills or because of praise, it is no longer a hobby.  Over periods of time, many people have looked to reach a single definition of what freestyling is. Some have debated that in a freestyle cyphers, rap lyrics are improvised, straight off the top. While another way to freestyle can be written in free form, with no particular subject.

Here in Chicago a fairly new organization has recently given artist a platform for strictly freestyling. Chitown Cypher, has featured a number of artist, some who we've post here on Chi-City Hip Hop, holding freestyle sessions in different locations around the city. The bases of there short events is getting some artist to come together for a cypher that include Chicago rappers or rappers transplants in the local scene, pick a location and hopefully get some great freestyles. In these cyphers you have the good, the decent, and the trash, checkout some of the sessions below.

Young Tee Tee ft. YP - "Birds" (In-Studio Performance)

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Open World Films

YP join Young Tee Tee in the studio where they record a new record called "Birds". Lookout for the official video to drop in the near future.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Martin $ky - critiCALI (Video)

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Martin $ky presents to you a very colorful and abstract visual by Visual Mecca to his single "critiCALI". His upcoming album "timeLESS" is still on the way which we may get to hear in full sooner than you think.

Joseph Chilliams & Frsh Waters ft. Tiffany Capri - AquaTeen

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The PIVOT gang looks to bring to the world a new mixtape, dropping a new single called "AquaTeen". This new record features Joseph Chilliams and Frsh Waters alongside Tiffany Capri with Saba and Mausi on the beat.

Youngsta - Fvck Love

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Youngsta come through with new music called "Fvck Love" over a beat from Jay B Beats. This may or may not be featured on the upcoing "24k" mixtape, so stay tuned.

The Legendary Traxster - You Owe Me A Favor (Instrumental Album)

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The Legendary Traxster drops off a beat album called "You Owe Me A Favor". He warned us and now he delivers, bringing a you 10 track all produced by Traxster. Its downloadable, so I'm guessing you're already getting your verses ready. 

Giftz - Position of Power (Mixtape)

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This past month Giftz presented the first official single from the album, "Fuck Em' All" before then the first insight into the project was the sit down with HOTCTV where we got to see Thelonious Martin production credit on the project. In between the single release and interview we've still gotten consistent music.

What can we expect from "Position of Power"? Well, the album features King Louie, Rockie Fresh, Freddie Gibbs, 3D Natee, Boldy James & more. Production on the album is handled by Chase N Cashe, Xtreme, C-Sick, Thelonious Martin and more. The first single was already nothing to sleep on and the album provides 17 new tracks in three scenes ... there a story to tell.

Position of Power sets itself as something of a movie as you have The Come-Up, Name Ringin' Bell, and last Position of Power. Don't know what I mean see it for yourself, stream and download below.

Dion Jetson ft. Seven1, & Broadway - Clap For Me

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First heard this rapper, Dion Jetson, on "He So Cold", he returns along side Seven1 and Broadway, over production by Canei Finch. "Clap For Me" is definitely a more upbeat record, as these three artist provides you with lyrics to quote to your buddies.

"The Ear & The Heart" is the upcoming project from Dion Jetson, stay tune for more info on that.

Lil' Durk ft. Cashout - All She Want (Video)

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Durk and Cashout get live in the studio, with a little performance video to the record "All She Want". Lil' Durk grabs this one from his mixtape "Sign To The Streets", which is still on the way.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Giftz - Quiet (Video)

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Directed by Davy Greenberg

"Position of Power" project is damn near here, so Giftz decides to drop off a new video for his record "Quiet", produced by Chase N Cashe. Giftz has a full length, 17 track, broken into three parts to demonstrate the rise, that I know he's ready to drop and we're ready to hear it. Tune in tomorrow to download the latest release.

D2G - I-R.A.N (Video)

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One of the first single from his recently release project, D2G brings you the new visual, direct by Trice Aaron, to "I-R.A.N." Want to hear more bars from 2G download his "July 9th: A Cancer Story" album now.

Dinero Dynasty - Money Machine (Video)

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Director by Stefan Klapko

Dinero Dynasty drops off a new visual for "Money Machine", trying to get to the money.

Gianni Blu ft. King Louie, Lil' Bibby & EMP DASME - Crazy (Video)

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Shot & Edited by DGainz

Gianni Blu, joined by King Louie, Lil Bibby, and EMP DASME come together for the video to the single "Crazy". This record is available on iTunes now.

Closed Sessions Radio w/ Giftz

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Closed Sessions Radio with DJ RTC & JR Bang bringing us another episode. They talk last weeks buzzing record "Control", and gave their take on Kendrick's verse. Later in the episode, Giftz joins in for a live interview.

Sunday, August 18, 2013 Presents: Chandler London, ShowYouSuck, & ProbCause Live

No comments: put together a great show,  yesterday, August 17th at the Empty Bottle. Jesse Menendez hosted as Chandler London kicked it off with and was joined by his LOD fam. ShowYouSuck had the crowd moshing and kept the audience hydrated with a couple bottles of water. ProbCause finished off with Auggie the 9th, Psalm One, and ShowYouSuck to perform a record from his recent mixtape. Local legend, Sharkula, also join ProbCause on stage to perform, but you had to be there to see the best parts. 

Lupe Fiasco - SLR3

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Lupe drops off SLR3, produced by Soundtrack. Pay close attention and you'll maybe learn a few thing about Lupe. New project might be closer than you think.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chella H - Where Da Niggas At (Video)

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Directed by Nick Brazinsky

Fresh off dropping "The Realist Bitch In It: Reloaded", Chella H presents a new video from the project. Checkout Miss Chella riding with her girls turning heads and having fun in the visual for "Where Da Niggas At".

Friday, August 16, 2013

Legit Live @ Schubas

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Legit recently headlining a show at Schubas for the Counter Culture event. He hit the stage with with Nick Astro, Ariel, and more. This is just a little of what went down so enjoy.

Legit also dropped a new track called "Figure 8" and looks to drop a new mixtape this Fall titled "SURPRISE".

Daryn Alexus Live @ Schubas

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This past Wednesday Daryn Alexus hit the stage to perform her song "Party" which is available for download. She controlled the crowd, and kept the audience hyped, even more so when she almost flashed the crowd whilst dancing. Oh, but never mind that. You can checkout the record performed above, recent project release "VHML2" and more from Daryn here.

Shye - Jealousy (Video)

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Directed by Davy Greenberg

Repping for the 708, Shye's burning, learning and earning, in his new video for the track called "Jealousy".

Keenan Coke - Dipp

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Keenan Coke drops off the some previous unreleased music produced by Na$im Williams, called "Dipp".

Chief Keef - Bang, Part 2 (Mixtape)

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Returning with the second installment of his "Bang" mixtape, Chief Keef drops "Bang Pt. 2". The new mixtape hold 16 new tracks and feature the GBE crew. Stream and download below.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dion Jetson ft. Tree - He So Cold

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Prod. by Chysty

Giving us his interpretation of the many things that Chicago has made headlines for, Dion Jetson brings us his new single "He So Cold" featuring Tree. This is the first single from his upcoming project, "The Ear & The Heart".

Dray ft. Lil' Durk - Never Sleep (Video)

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Durk joins Dray for his new video release to the track "Never Sleep" with visual direction from willKnows.

Ace B8gie ft. ShowYouSuck - GooFoo

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Prod. Bobby Johnson

For those with the lack of common sense, style, and substance, ACE B8gie and ShowYouSuck provides a word to define this, "Goofoo". Check out the meaning and antonyms above to verify.

While we don't know if it will make his upcoming project, its still a great song to make an addition to the playlist. Ace is working on the second installment to his "Crazy8's" series, but if you missed the first, go back and check it out.


Calliko - Good

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New single from Calliko, "Good", telling story of an intimate encounter with a female he met through a social network. Catfish? No. This record is produced by Luxury and will be featured on his upcoming project "Chief".

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ibn Inglor - New Wave

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Prod. by Ibn Inglor & ELSchmitty

Ibn drops off a new record letting those "New Wave" followers his time is here, so get in tune. Stay tune for more music from Ibn.

Blanco Caine & Viru - Head Gone

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Blanco and Viru team up for a new track, produced by Tony Flocko, called "Head Gone". Blanco Caine recently dropped off a new project, "White America", which you should checkout now.

Treated Crew - UOENO (Video)

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Members of the Treated Crew, Mano, PST, and Gzus Piece put their own spin on Rocko's "UOENO". They not only drop the mp3 but a video, putting a theatrical spin on it, that takes from the movie "Belly". 

Lupe Fiasco - SLR 2 / #DopeFrancis

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The first of the two record to drop between last night and this morning. Lupe dropped off "#DopeFrancis", produced by Mr. Inkredible. I would like to think these records we're going to come about if the Kendrick hadn't dropped.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Youngsta - FWM (Fuckin Wit Me)

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According to this record "24K" is has enter its final stages and is ready to be released. No date yet but in the meantime enjoy this new track from Youngsta called "Fuckin Wit Me", produced by Jay Marvlis.

Retrospect - The Breakout: Part One (Album)

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Presenting part one of their two part LP, Retrospect bring you "The Breakout". This past weekend they help a listening party for an early listen now the hit the net with the full length ready for download. Joining them on this album are ShowYouSuck, theWHOevers, Chandler London and more, with production from Classick, brandUn DeShay, SauceCools , and Pak One. Listen and download below.

Pugs Atomz ft. Karen Be, Raashan Amad, & Ariano - Small World

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Providing the production, Switzerland producer C1gart, Pugs Atomz present a new record  "Small World". With him we have soulful verses from Karen Be, Raashan Ahmad with Ariano on the hook. This is the third leak from Pugs Atomz's upcoming mixtape "Benetton Days". Currently pugs is putting the finishing touches on his full length album later this year on Tokyo Dawn Records.

Fatboi Fresh Interview on Closed Sessions Radio

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JR Bang and DJ RTC are joined by Fatboi Fresh for the recent Closed Sessions Radio episode. They talk about his name change from Big Wiz, Hip Hop as his primary identity, where he's from and more. Tune in.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Counter Culture Event, August 14th

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Counter Culture showcase comes to Schubas this Wednesday, August 14th. With Legit headlining expect performance from Calez, Nick Astro, Daryn Alexus, and Animuse. What more can I say, just watch the video and enjoy.

Spenzo - Type of Way (Video)

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Spenzo continues to hit the net with new music returning with his own remix to "Type of Way".  "In Spenzo We Trust" is available now, go check it out know.

Calez - Thxs x Thxt

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Talking crazy? Calez says let them talk, while he's hitting the Heisman, on this new release titled "Thxs x Thxt". Check out the production from Tye Hill who provides this head nodding beat.

Dreezy ft. King Louie - Ain't For None (Video)

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As promise, Dreezy drops off a new video for the record "Ain't For None" which can be download on the "DSM" project that drop yesterday.

Vega ft. Astonish, Skooda Chose & Nicholaus Kane - Downtown (Video)

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Directed by Q Hefna

Skooda, Astonish, and Kane joins Vega for the video to his single "Downtown" presenting their own individual styles. Expect to hear this record on Vega's upcoming "Infinito" mixtape, which is set to be released this fall.

DMA & Oreo Jones ft. ShowYouSuck - Dukes of Zimbabwe

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For their EP, DMA and Oreo have crafted 4 new originals and 1 remix of Jookabox's tune "FF" to go along with the previous release "The John Wayne". Oreo and DMA enlisted Chicago's ShowYouSuck to blend rap and indie rock on "Dukes of Zimbabwe".