Monday, September 30, 2013

Vic Mensa - INNANETAPE (Mixtape)

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Since dropping the name or the mixtape on twitter Vic Mensa has been building anticipation for his new release the "INNANETAPE". He teamed up with iLLRoots and together they bring us a project that just may very well be the thing to push it to a new level. Holding 14 new track he recruits Cam (from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League), Christian Rich, Peter Cottontale, Boi 1-da, Hit Boy, DJ Dahi on the production and fellow artist Lili K, Kenna, Joey Purp, Rockie Fresh and other to to help. Download below.

Vic Spencer - Physical Buff

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Extending the series into October, Vic Spencer present the latest addition of the 'Red Button' music series over a Stanley Clarke loop called "Physical Buff". Don't forget the "Rapping Bastard" will be here soon.

Pick Three: September

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Written by Curtis

Something new for the readers, Today Chi-City Hip Hop brings you an end of the month segment called "Pick Three". This is an opinion segment, where a writer picks three post, from the current month, that stood out to them or that's been added to a playlist and have it on repeat. I don't like long lists so we're just picking three, its that simple.

In no particular order, each month's post will hold three singles, sometimes all mixtapes, maybe all videos, or two singles and mixtape,etc etc.

Check it out below and let me know your three.

Vic Mensa "INNANETAPE" Commercial

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Dial-up, netscape, Vic Mensa looks to bring you his new project the "Innanetape" 9/30 (Today!), here is a little video of him trying to get in touch with the Innanet. Can I speak to the INNANET?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

"The Waters" Sessions ii, BTS with Mick Jenkins

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Shot by 5 Pound Media

From NY to Montreal, in this new behind the scene short doc, follow Mick Jenkins through his process of creating his upcoming project "The Water[s]".

Lyriq ft. Sir Michael Rocks - Addicted To Women

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Lyriq dropped the video for the record "Addicted To Women" awhile back, expressing his love for the opposite sex not matter the nationality. Today he dropped off the song on soundcloud with a verse from Sir Micheal Rocks.

Expect a new project in the near future from Lyriq.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gzus Piece - Gzus Luvs You (Mixtape)

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Gzus Piece comes with his new project which originally was thought to be an EP, but no complaints here. He provides 14 tracks, a compilation of new records and and some we've heard before. Simply said, the Gzus says "Its the shit", check it out and download below.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Angel Davanport ft. Solar 5 - Cemeteries (Video)

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Angel Davanport and Solar 5 come together for a dark visual basically letting you know that going against them is not them best idea, on a record titled "Cemeteries". The track was produced by OnGaud and shot by Floating Photograph. 

International Maverick - The Feelin' ...

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Producing a smooth beat with relaxing vibes, International Maverick looks to bring a certain feeling on this upbeat record titled "The Feelin'...". Though it has been some time since you've heard something new from him, he returns with the announcement of an EP called "Dreem Catcher" plus a video for this track. Stay tuned.

Tree - 32 Shots

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Prod. by Sc

Tree drops off some new music, which we've been waiting for since "SS2", to bring you "32 Shots". He brings his signature sound of SoulTrap, while telling the story of street business.

Tree looks to build a new brand around SoulTrap as he has some tees on the way, lookout for more on that.

Nick Carter Green ft. Rello, Mpulse, Calliko, & Candy Irene - Fucked Rihanna

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Prod. by Skinny MooXe

Nick Carter Green continues to release new music as he works toward finishing his upcoming EP "Roxanne" He teams with Rello, Mpulse, Calliko and Candy Irene to give you how he feeling in club ... like I "Fucked Rihanna".

Armani ft. Freddie Gibbs & King Louie - Kush Salad (Video)

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Armani's recent record release gets a video to accompany it, shot by Elevator, and joined by Freddie Gibbs and King Louie, to bring you that "Kush Salad".

Boss Woo - Shit (Video)

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Shot by Ogun Pleas

Boss Woo delivers a new video, while in the studio recording and working, for the record "Shit" holding an infectious hooks that gets stuck in your head pretty quick. Don't be a late bloomer checkout his latest project "All Doped Up" now.

Gzus Piece - Rosegod

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Gzus Piece gives you this new one called "Rosegod" with the announcment of dropping off a new EP called "Gzus Luvs you".

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vic Mensa - Lovely Day (Video)

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Vic Mensa must have been having a lovely day with those beautiful women on his side, a nice view on the beach and major fun on the road. Here is the visual for "Lovely Day", shot and chopped by Illroots.

Innanetape impacts September 30th.

Chief Keef - Ight Doe (Video)

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Chief Keef brings you the latest videos shot by Zae for the track "Ight Doe". Go download his latest mixtape "Bang Pt. 2".

Calez - A Mill / Free Ya Mind

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Yesterday, Calez came with two new tracks set as preludes to his upcoming project "Ceito", which is in the works and on the way. Checkout the second track "Free Ya Mind" below.

Diverse Marley ft. Speedy Calhoun - Get Yourself Together

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Speedy Calhoun joins Diverse Marley on his new single for the record "Get Yourself Together" which encourages you to do better with sample of the late Tupac Shakur. This track is featured on Diverse Marley's mixtape "ABK Volume 3.5: Loud" which is scheduled to be released this winter.

Neak, GLC, Na$im Williams Live @ Angels and Kings Chicago

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Neak makes his stop to Chicago for his "Paura/Amore" Pre-Tour along side GLC, Slot-A, and Na$im Williams. Here's a short recap of what went down September 21st.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Roman Flowrs - Summer of 09'

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While we wait for his upcoming project "OneHellofAPromo", Roman Flowrs decides to drop some new music. This didn't make the final cut he brings you "Summer of 09", take it back for a second. The full length release hits the net October 8th, stay tuned.

Nick Astro & Murph Watkins - Pick A Side

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IKON recruits Nick Astro and Murph Watkins for a new record titled "Pick A Side" from their upcoming project "Private Stock". 

In The Studio With Defcee (Video)

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Chi-City Hip Hop recently had the chance to hit the studio with Go artist Defcee. We were able to get a listen of some new music in the works, plus he spoke on his upcoming album "Damn Near Grown" and more.

Expect his upcoming project to drop early next year, he'll be featured on the "ForeverChi 2013 Compilation", and a new freestyle over the "UOENO" beat drops very soon.

C. Rich's "Certified Organic" Cover Art + Tracklisting

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Earlier this year C. Rich hit you with the sampler, and recently dropped a video for "Let It Go". Today he presents the cover art and track list for "Certified Organic". He recruits T.O.N.E. for the art work, mixed and master by DC, with features from Pavy, Lexi, and Vic Spencer over seven tracks.

See tracklist below.

Keenan Coke - Hi...Welcome To Chicago

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Keenan Coke with production from Alex Dangerfield, welcome comes the FBI and other government agencies to Chicago in the mist of the city being named a "murder capital". With open arms he lets them know it's not all bad and a very "dedicated to a special soldier" .
"Due to the recent rising crime rate and the naming of Chicago as murder capital of America, with the FBI ready to send armed troops to our residential "hood" of a city. I took it upon myself with the help of Alex Dangerfield,(Producer of the track), to say Hi...Welcome to Chicago! Don't be afraid of finding love, walking down the street to the corner store, seeking adventure or simply enjoying life. Make love to the night mfs - Keenan Coke."

Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo 2

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Today we get some newness from Lupe, as he raps over Drake's "Pound of Flesh". We've heard a number of records where he spits his freestyles over as he goes in, and this one is no different, ending it with a huge shoutout to the artist he/hear making moves.

Runway Bella - So Cold (Video)

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Bella brings you the video for "So Cold" with the story of a relation destroyed by infidelity. Get ready, she has a new project on the called "Runway Season".

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spenzo - My Hoe (Video)

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Spenzo gets on some playa ish with this one. Here is the latest video from the "In Spenzo We Trust" full of beautiful women for "My Hoe" (titled "My Bitch" on the tape").

Onis - The Come Up (Video)

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Teaming with Only4TheReal, Onis presents his latest visual for the record "The Come Up" from his EP "The Time Is Now".

Spud Cotton - Humble Being (Video)

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Spud drops off the first of videos he will be dropping from his mixtape "Spud Flow". Today he brings you the video for "Humble Being", shot by Mechele Knox.

THEMpeople - Bossa Dova (Album)

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THEMpeople, who've we've heard on many great records, comes with their new instrumental album providing you with nearly 22 minutes of production. The collective brings a collection of sounds where they experiment over eleven tracks, holding contributions from Ben Hickerson, DJ Mar, Vic Spencer, Michael Anthony, and Nico Trumpet.
"Seamless, colorful, and intoxicating, 'BossaDova' transcends the conventional ideology of what a beat tape should sound like."
Stream and download below

Blanco Caine, Gzus Piece, & Bodi Deeder - Opportunist (Video)

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Wasn't with it before see them making moves, and now you want in. Blanco Caine, Gzus Piece and Bodi Deeder expose the "Opportunist" of the world in this new song and video, shot/direct by Seuss Leroy.

Runway Bella - So Cold

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Runway Bella plans to drops a new project soon titled "Runway Season" but in the meantime brings you new music to vibe to in "So Cold", produced by  The Fr3shmen. Expect a new video to from Bella as, she's working.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kami de Chukwu - Droptop Vision

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Produced by IKAZ and THEMpeople

Wilding out with no roof while the top is dropped, Kami de Chukwu provides such a smooth track, can you see the vision. "Droptop Vision" is another release provided from the SaveMoney army. Enjoy.

Joey Purp - Monologue

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Produced by Thelonious Martin

Joey Purp drops off a new track, no hook, spitting straight through, over a dramatic beat called "Monologue". Kami and Joey Purp are teaming up for a new project "Leather Corduroys", which I'm pretty sure we'll get in the near future. Speak it into existence.

Ultrademon ft. ShowYouSuck - Automatic (Video)

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 Directed,Edited by Todd Diederich

Ultrademon and ShowYouSuck provide a trippy video for "Automatic". The Kaleidoscope visuals brings a feeling of being intoxicated, but without the drugs, as Show is front in center while Ultra stands as a dark figure lurking in the back.

Featured on the Japanese version of 'Seapunk' by 'Ultrademon'

Na$im Williams & Wes P. - Labyrinth (Instrumental)

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Get you ears ready, Na$im Williams & Wes P brings you new production called "Labyrinth" that has a certain kick to it that'll have you moving. Both producers have instrumental projects releasing the first week of October. Stay tuned

Lungz - Inebriation (Mixtape)

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Lungz presents to the world his new mixtape, giving you an even deeper look into who Lungz is as an artist, "Inebriation". He recruits Saba, King Louie, Dizzy Wright and Astonish with production from JUSTICE League, The Gift, Sunny Norway and more. Stream and download below.

Chance the Rapper's "Social Experiment Tour"

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Since release "Acid Rap" Chance the Rapper has to continued to keep busy. After opening up for Eminem and Kendrick he hit the road on his own for the "Social Experiment Tour". Head over to for tickets and dates and stay tuned because he's hitting Chicago November 9th.

Parkay - Noodle Knocker (Video)

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Shot by DGainz

"Noodle Knocker" a record from the mixtape "Kush and Caviar", produced by Chase Davis is paired wit a video. Check out the mixtape if you haven't already, try not to get your noodle knocked.

Psalm One - Need Love Too (Video)

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Directed by Eli Alvarado

Psalm One, aka Hologram Kizzie, brings you as nerdy, pervy anthem and a personal exploration of sexual curiosity.We see how hard find 'that one', through the fantasy of video dating in this funny visual for "Need Love Too".

Vic Spencer - Illusion of Movement

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Produced by DC and  Vic Spencer

Extending the Red Button series through October, Vic Spencer brings you the latest installment, "Illusion of Movement", giving it to you the only way the rapping bastard knows how. Seeing as his birthday is today, the Red Button series fits so nicely in place. Press play and listen as he let's it be known why he feels he's better than, as he calls it, his "so-called" peers.

"Rapping Bastard" is due out in November and in all of the move is his or is not making, Vic will also be opening for EPMD on October 3rd.

Lungz - Northside Get The Money (Video)

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Repping for his side of town, Lungz bring you the video for the single "Northside Get The Money". If you're ready for the project where this single lands, don't worry, "Inebriation" drops today, stay tuned.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Speedy Calhoun - Succe$$

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Here's a recent release from Speedy Calhoun over BiggCuzBeats production that can be interpreted as the things some do for empty success, high hopes and dream leading to a never ending cycle. Pay attention to the artwork.

Hitta Chee ft. King Louie - Drugs (Video)

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Shot by Hi-Def

Hitta Chee brought you the single called "Drugs" a couple weeks ago. Now here is the visual, and no you're not high that's just your screen. You'll be able to get this record and more on Chee's upcoming mixtape "The Hustle".

Rashid Hadee - CNS Vol. 3: Don't Care (Mixtape)

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Producer/rapper Rashid Hadee went on sampling spree for this new mixtape, "CNS Volume 3: Don't Care". He takes on a number of record from Drake's "Take Care" album flips them and spit over them, chopping them without the screw. He teams up with Young Valentine, Neak, Sincerely Yours, Slot-A, Thaione Davis, Philmore Greene, Future Frashman while handling all productions. Stream, think, enjoy, and download below.

Asa ft. Tink - I'm Gone (Video)

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Asa's gone and along for the ride he brings "Tink", in this new video for his single "I'm Gone". Expect to hear this on his upcoming project "I'm Classic".

Saturday, September 21, 2013

J'lynn ft. Rockie Fresh - Gee Whiz (Video)

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Produced/Edited/Directed by J'lynn

Rockie Fresh joins rapper J'lynn in the video for his single "Gee Whiz" from the upcoming sophomore mixtape "UnderClassmen".

St. Millie - Kitchen

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St. Millie and Thelonious Martin cooks up some new music for you straight out the "Kitchen" right to your ears. This track gives you insight into what Millie's view of the street life, a perspective gained from family and close friends. Expect a new project from him called "Glory", and yes this is the first single.

Carl & Taylor Bennett - Crystals

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Taylor Bennett joins Carl of Supreme Regime over a Noah Sims produced beat to bring you a track called "Crystals". 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Chris Crack ft. The Dutchmaster & Get Gwop - Grand Cru Trill

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With his "Trill Withers" project impact soon, Chris Crack continues giving you track to rock to. Today he drops off "Grand Cru Trill" featuring Get Gwop and The Dutchmaster over production from Melrose Zee.

Caleb James - Flexin (Video)

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Directed and Edited by Brandon "N2ition" Riley

Simply showing out with a love for them finer things, Caleb James brings you the latest "Flexin" from his recent mixtape "The Jones".

Add-2 - New Black Order

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In this least track from Add-2, he points out what black people are facing in these, superstars making statements as if it new news, and let's you know this is not your usual. This is the "New Black Order", the latest not set to be on any particular project.
"This aint that Shawn Carter, this aint that Carter 3, this is Huey meets Riley meets Huey P"

Ibn Inglor - New Wave (Mixtape)

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Since coming across Ibn one thing that no one can deny is that he's been building a buzz, and expanding his audience off a sound of his own. Today he dropped off a new mixtape, premiered by Complex, called "New Wave". This nine track project features Drea Smith and holds production from E.N.O.N Jacobs, Tom Tripp, El Schmitty, Kris, Henry, Arran Sym, and Mhone Glor. Stream enjoy and download below.

Zilla - Fire (Video)

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Shot by Thelovism

Zilla bring a dark and gritty visual for a song called "Fire", produced by Bitoy which was featured on his latest free album "Raise Your Vibrations". Go download his latest project if you haven't already.

Black Matt, Ill Legit, & Est 85 - She

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What she goin' do, only Black Matt, Ill Legit and Est. 85 knows, as they bring you a new track which is sure get you moving, called "She".

Nick Carter Greens's BTS Footage for "Summertime Chi"

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After teaming up with King Louie and Sir Michael Rocks on the single "Summertime Chi", Nick Carter Green looks to bring you an new video for the record. Expect to hear this track on his upcoming project is titled "Roxanne". Stay tune for the full video.

UFB ft. Tink & JmoeFrmDaBam - Yea Yea (Video)

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Shot by Zae

Tink and JmoeFrmDaBam joins the UFB trio for a new video for their single "Yea Yea", produced by Fyastarta. Watch as they party it up while having no worries from the haters.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vic Mensa - Yung Net Save Peso

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On a steady path to release a good mixtape titled "INNANETAPE", Vic Mensa decides to drop the mp3 for "YNSP". If you remember there was a teaser that dropped of an upcoming video that we're still waiting on. Well while we wait for the visual, the DJ Dahi produced record is here for download, and the full tape will hit the net September 30th.

Rello Dreamer - Dreamin'

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Rello had a vision and now he aiming for what could be. He brings you a new record, from his yet to be named project, called "Dreamin", produced by Pro&Brave. 

Chief Keef - Love No Thotties (Video)

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With visual direction from Zae, here is the latest video from Chief Keef called "Love No Thotties".

ShowYouSuck - ShowYouSuck Raps Over Toro Y Moi Songs (EP)

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Such an emotional cover, and funny, to an new EP from ShowYouSuck. As the title say, Show provides you with a few new tracks rapping over Toro Y Moi Songs.

And yes that is a durag on ShouYouSuck's head again, they may be coming back.

Listen and download below.

Ju' Malone Teases with Details from "Diffrnt"

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A shorten name and a new project on the way and plenty of material to enjoy. Ju Malone, whose far from a monotone and simple rapper, seem to keep our interest peaked. Since announcing that he would be dropping "Diffrnt" we've gotten a number of great records from him, some singles and other just loosies, and a mini documentary of working with Closed Sessions.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dinero Dynasty - All I Know

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Produced by: Blake Superior

An announcement and new music. The duo Dinero Dynasty announces there's a new project in the work, a EP to be exact. And they drop off a new track called "All I Know".

Ace B8gie - How U Love That?

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Channeling his inner Hot Boy, Ace B8gie drops off a new track, Big Tymers inspired, "How U Love That?". B8gie will be giving you his new project very soon, so stay tuned for more releases and look out for Crazy 8's.  

Ibn Inglor - BLACK PRINT

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Never one to care for comparisons, in this new single Ibn Inglor expresses his desire for bloggers and fan alike to come with their own conclusion of what his music is. This record starts off with a view how many get their information, an intro that tears into those who get half-asses understanding because they're stuck on the same sources.

"Black Print", produced by Tom Tripp, is the final single leading to the release of his new album "New Wave", which drop Friday September 20th.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Frank Leone ft. Sterling Hayes - Unrest

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Frank Leone grabs production from collective OnGaud for a new track titled "Unrest" joined by Sterling Hayes. No hook hook just two artist spitting straight through over a smooth beat, enjoy and download.

Tink ft. Mikey Dollaz - Money Money (Video)

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Tink looks to drops a new project in the near future, so as the release date get close she give the fan a new visual called "Money Money". "Boss Up" on the way, stay tuned.

Devotion: A Tree Documentary (Video)

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Standing out with a unique sound, a gritty voice and soulful production, Tree standouts among a growing stigma, I've heard in recent, of "all Chicago artist sound the same". Since dropping "Sunday School" and then part2: "When Church Let's Out", we've seen Tree continue to develop his sound and the audience grow.
"In July of 2012, Tree watched Danny Brown perform at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival. Soon after, Tree predicted that he too would grace the Pitchfork stage and be counted amongst a group of talented musicians pushing Chicago music forward in 2013. Tree accomplished those goals through the release of his honest, genuine, and urgently grimy Sunday School projects, the most recent volume – When Church Lets Out – was released in May of 2013. The releases earned him critical acclaim, and a coveted performance slot at Pitchfork Fest 2013."
Back in 2012 indie label, Closed Sessions, documented Tree success in performing at Pitchfork Fest 2013. We get insight into how he wants to leave his stamp in the music scene as well as viewing a video archive of what went down leading up to his performance.

Wheatie - Just Sayin

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Wheatie decides to lets loose a new track produced by Wierdo called "Just Sayin". Not landing on particular project as of yet, but stay tuned for more from Wheatie.

Young Myke - Something To Prove (Album)

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Young Myke, Chicago producer who looks to make his in this industry, bring you his new free album called "Something To Prove". This new project holds eleven new record all produced by Young Myke featuring Roman Flowrs, MPulse, Thello Jay, eGo, Rello, and more. Stream and download below.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Spud Cotton - SpudFlow (Mixtape)

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Presented by DJ Citi, Spud Cotton brings you his latest project. This new new holds 10 original tracks with production credits from Jeff Wallace, ReElite, The Union, & Smitty Flexx and Echo 7. Stream download and enjoy below.

Bekoe ft. MoneyDudeTazo & Tink - Work (Video)

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Zae handles the video direction as Bekoe, MoneyDudeTazo and Tink come together for "Work". Expect to hear this on the upcoming "iLLanoize" mixtape.

Lungz ft. King Louie - Drink Smoke

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Prod. by BP

Every now and then I know I love a little drink and smoke, Lungz and King Louie brings you a new single that expresses just that. If you're waiting on the "Inebriation" album from Lungz, don't worry its on the way.

Martin $ky - "TIME(LESS)" (Mixtape)

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What many fans have been waiting for, after much preparation Martin $ky present his new mixtape TIME(LESS). If you were in attendance for his listening party, he everyone the first listening of what he plans to bring to the world. Now its time to sit back, listen and download below.

Vic Spencer - A Call From Belize

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Today we get the third installment of the "Red Button" weekly series. Vic Spencer gets "A Call From Belize" over an Alchemist loop.
"The record starts off as what appears to be a call from Joe Grind, a Balizean MC and part-owner of The Grind House, a studio where Vic records weekly, about getting some work done and getting packages cheaper while he was down in his hometown."
Vic looks to keep it consistent with music releases, which in turn will lead to the new album called "The Rapping Bastard". 

Havoc ft. Twista - Eyes Open (Video)

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Since Havoc's of Mobb Deep new project hits stores, he decided to team up with Chicago spitter and legend, Twista, for the video to "Eyes Open". Havoc's "13" project is available now, featuring appearances Royce Da 5'9", Raekwon, Styles P, and Lloyd Banks, plus production from Statik Selektah and Havoc himself.

Nicholaus Kane - Toast 2 Life (Video)

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Directed by Q Hefna & Devo

After dropping the single and teaser, Nicholaus Kane presents to the world the video for "Toast 2 Life". Expect to hear this on his upcoming "Cool Reincarnated" project.

Rockie Fresh ft. Rick Ross & Lunice - Panera Bread (Video)

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Directed by Dre Films

"Panera Bread", a single that Rockie Fresh teamed up with Rick Ross and Lunice which was release earlier this year, gets the visual treatment. Catch Rockie on the upcoming MMG compilation and stay tuned for more from the Chicago/MMG rep.

Young Myke ft. Thello Jay, Rello, Jay2 & Reggie Ruler - Purple Remix

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Young Myke gives a finally tastes of what we can expect from his upcoming project. A track that you may have heard on Thello's "His Era" gets remixed with additional verses from Jay2 and Reggie Ruler. 

Martin $ky "Time(Less)" Listening Party (Video)

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Martin $ky held a listening session at Jugrnaut's where he performed cuts from his upcoming mixtape "Time(Less)" mixtape. Watch as he performs, talks with the fans and hand out poster. "Time(Less) drops later on today, stay tuned.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

3tre - Like It

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This one will definitely have you moving. 3tre drops off a new single with a beat that knocks so press play you just may "Like It". Expect to hear this and more on his upcoming album "Identity".

Sulyiman - Ambrosia

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Currently working on a new project titled "Zulu Rebel", Sulyiman drops off something new for the fans called "Ambrosia" which he himself produced. Sulyi provides synths, strings, and heartfelt vocals. Stay tuned for more, cause its coming.

Taylor Bennett - A Non Mixed Exclusive

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Taylor Bennett comes with a new release, a rough draft, produced by Noah Sims that's labeled "A Non Mixed Exclusive". Check it out and let him know what you think.