Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tree - The @MCTreeG EP (EP)

"Sunday School 2" and "Sunday School" before were standout project from the emcee known as Tree. He hit national publications as more and more people began to recognize the sound Soul Trap. Since the release of "Sunday School 2: When Church lets Out" Tree has put in huge efforts to create and push the brand of Soul Trap, continued to hit stages and now he teams up with Scion AV to present a new project called "The @MCTreeG EP".

Presented by Scion AV, Tree's latest project holds 7 all new original tracks including single releases "Probably Nu It" and "Like Whoa". Joining him is Project Mayhem brother Lennon and Taylor Outlaw as Tree handle all the production for this project.
"I usually make beats for a day, then I'll come back. Another day, I just feel like writing. Some days I don't feel like writing at all, so I just continue producing. Or I might not feel like producing, so I'm going through the beats I made and laying hooks down. Saving them, putting them to the side. “Okay I'm going to send this to so-and-so, I'm going to put this over here, I'm going to let Mayhem check out this.” So that's pretty much the method." - Tree for Noisey
Stream the full EP below.

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