Monday, April 7, 2014

Abstrak Mind - Still Painting (Album)

For this new release, we get 10 new original songs, including single release. After dropping singles like "PSA", "Talk To Me" and the latest, "The Days", we've heard the real world inspiration he takes from when creating music. Contributing to what he's doing are producers Corsic, Greystorm, Mosses Hall, Vince Foss, and Ray White. Featured artist include Lennon of Project Mayhem, singer Sohje, D2G, Sam Trump, Meagan McNeal and more.

Abstrak Mind introduces us to his work with a welcome to his literary composition on "Opus", dismissing the labels people love give artist from the start. The project provides us a look into A.M's own struggles in soulful records like "Talk To Me", gives us a smooth record to jam to on "The Bar", and brings some bars in true hip hop fashion on "Life's Just Preachy", examining his own thoughts of the world around him.

The project brings great vibes for hip hop, with each songs transitioning to its own, giving you personal painting of his own life or what's going on in society. Press play and enjoy.

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