Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pick Three - April

The end of the month is here and with that come the April Pick Three editorial. Today Chi-City Hip Hop brings you the end of the month segment. This is an opinion segment, where a writer picks three post, from the current month, that stood out to them or that's been added to a playlist and have it on repeat and simple stood out against others. I don't like long lists so we're just picking three, no honorable mentions, its that simple.

In no particular order, each month's post will hold three singles, sometimes all mixtapes, maybe all videos, or two singles and mixtape,etc etc. There were definitely a lot of great releases this month, making choices difficult, but I got my three what's yours.

Check it out and comment below and let me know your three.

Saba - 401K
Tense and hard hitting with lyrics that will have your mind thinking deeply. Saba brought fans this single that's pretty much been on repeat since it was release over here, that gave us a small sense of what to expect from his upcoming project. This record holds many quotable bars that catches the listeners attention from, "I trade a 401K for a A.K." to "It’s niggas trading shots over blocks, I rather trade blocks for some stock."  Born Ready Production handles the beat for the second single from the upcoming project "Comfort Zone", which is sounding like its going to be dope.

Leather Corduroys - Porno Music Vol. 2
One group of artist making their stride known in and outside the local scene of Chicago is SaveMoney. Two artist part of that collective, with different sounds, joined forces to form Leather Corduroys. Separately, Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu have some notable records, together they brought us a new EP called "Porno Music Vol. II: TSFR", guessing this is sex for your ears. This project definitely takes you on a energetic wave, in just five tracks. A favorite called "Dat Strong" is auto-tuned filled with suspense building production with both providing great verses. Altogether their project is something were 14 minutes of music, from these two, is not enough.
Dreezy - Chiraq
When Nicki and Lil' Herb dropped the "Chi-raq" record, there was definitely an up tick in buzz, whether it was the fact that Herb was on the track or the that Nicki was on a song called "Chi-raq". This cause some to fired back at the Chicago dubbed term with campaigns online to t-shirts. But before all of that in the matter of some odd hours one Chicago artist whose already been building a name in the city was exactly the first artist to create her own rendition that seemed to overshadow the original, at least in the city. Dreezy borrows the Lil Herb's flow and flexes her ability to rap with aggressive lyrics. Plus with the influx of "Chi-raq" remixes and everyone claiming they killed this beat, Dreezy stood out agmonst them all, providing great verses over this hard hitting beat.

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