Friday, May 2, 2014

Adam Joseph - Stages [The Announcement]

Adam Joesph is artist that has caught my attention with the release of his mixtape "Reality Checks". Since then we've heard records, including the highly slept but dope on "Remedy". The Chicagoan up and comer recently dropped something titled "Stages" set as an announcement of a new project produced by Tulpa & Jacuzzi. I'll let Adam explain it all to you:
"Growing up can be a difficult process for anyone. No one enjoys becoming old and looking back at the days they had nothing to worry about. Coming to the realization that life will never be as easy as it once was before has been somewhat of a reality check to me, therefor my next project will be a reflection. Not a mixtape, not an album, and not a soundtrack, just me. Lets take a look back. Stages.(This is an announcement, not a song)"

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