Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alex Wiley - Village Party (Mixtape)

Alex Wiley and Closed Sessions have been campaigning for the people to mark their calendars for this day. From releasing singles that garnered much attention, to the videos accompanying those records, Wiley has provided a sound that separates its self the previous project release. "Village Pary" is twice the celebration as this also marks Alex Wiley's 21st birthday. This new project holds 14 new tracks including singles releases "Vibration", my favorite "Forever", and "Ova", with over 40 minutes of listening pleasure. He teams up with fellow Village member Kembe X, Mick Jenkins, producers Odd Couple, Hippie Sabotage, THEMpeople, Jabari Rayford, Stefan Ponce, The Innavatorz, Sunny Dukes, and Blev. Listen, download and comment below.

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