Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Closed Sessions To Drop New Song, "Realer Than Most"

Artwork by Nikko

Earlier this year, way in the beginning when it was super cold, we saw a collection of artist come together for a collaboration to work on new music. Now these were not just any artist, these were local up and comers on the radar of many who've all separately made significant pushes toward success as emcees or producers. On January 11th, Ongaud put together a great showcase, "Genesis" consisting of Mick Jenkins, Saba, Dally Auston, and Noname Gypsy, in what would also be the line up of a new record. In the days leading up to this showcase Closed Sessions dropped footage and pictures of what they working on, teasing fans with possibilities. Months down the line, today, it seems that it would be a new posse track produced by OnGaud, recorded at Sound Scapes, called "Realer Than Most".

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