Monday, June 16, 2014

Pavy's "R.O.M.E" album art + release date

So far we've heard two single from Pavy wet to be featured on his upcoming. The first "Get It",was produced by Paris Beuller, partially giving us some insight as to what he plans to bring with this new album. Nearly a month later he followed up with the second single, getting BJ The Chicago Kid and Thomas Mac to bring their talents on "Ride". What we've come to know now as "R.O.M.E." (Ruling Over My Enemies), has a particular theme that's very apparent, with one song release before the singles called "Ceasar's Birth" that will not make the project. Maybe this will be a bonus track, but simply said "Ceasar's Birth" is in much need of a download button. All of this leads us to today's releases of the artwork for Pavy new project and release date set for June 24th.

Update: "Ceasear's Birth" will be on the album and the video is actually cut short.

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