Friday, June 6, 2014

Rewind ft. GLC - #25(Benji)

GLC joins Rewind over production from Na$im Williams to bring you s new record in dedication to the memory of Ben Wilson as known as Benji. Expect to hear this on Rewind's "Trip to the City" project.
"Here’s a picture of a bunch of great people in my life. Namely, My Auntie Mary, My Mother, Lubertha who passed on my 22nd birthday, and my 1st cousin the fallen soldier Benji Wilson.  They are all standing outside my sister’s house in Rock Island, IL in the year of 1984 when Rocky played Simeon in the IHSA SemiFinals.  On my 25th birthday I took to the booth to ponder how life can change in an instant.  In commemoration of my mother passing on my birthday and 25 being the iconic jersey number of a cousin I never got to meet, I thought it was fitting to name the track and use this photo."

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