Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Beautiful ... Woman, You Are Part III" by PromoDave

PromoDave decides to bring us a new piece today. This one is actually a third installment from a piece called "Beautiful ... Woman, You Are". Promo has become the center of the poetry posted on CCHH, and we believe he on to something with a future in writing. Read the great piece below.

Part I, Part II
Welcome back beautiful, I hear you’ve been going through something
Navigating through life, trying to live and maintain and keep your head up
Just want you to know your work doesn’t go unseen and I wish that you’d keep it up
Has to be hard balancing inner and outer beauty, especially when combating stress
But you truly do your best
Put a smile on each morning, walk through a world that values your parts over your whole being
Systematic Synecdoche Stalling Success
While the thrust of your hips, the sway of your walk, the way words roll off of your tongue as you talk
The hint of your perfume that captures all as you pass and the shape of your body that leaves your shadow jealous
Are all means for your visual excellence to exceed expectations and captivate the world
You’ve got more to offer
Your physical attributes come as additions, not the foundation
They serve as supporting characteristics, not all that supports your character
Speak with an aura of confidence that shows the depth of your mind is greater than the width of your behind
Love with a kindness that shows your heart is as powerful as the head turning that occurs when you pass
Be quicker to help than you are to judge so as to not block your own blessing
Beauty is more than skin deep
Feed your soul with the same frantic nature that you fill your pockets or apply your make up
Each night as you lay down, take a moment to reflect on your efforts of the day
Did you appreciate each compliment? Return each smile? Uplift those that look up to you?
If the beautiful women of this world complimented each other more, rather than trying to make sure accessories complemented outfits to outdo the next
The world would be full of less stress
A smart man once said that a happy woman leads to a happy home
But by no means should you wait for a man to begin construction of your inner abode of satisfaction
Your body is a temple; treat it as such as you watch all forces that enter
Negative vices and voices can break you down the same
Watch hateful friends that are only around you for your name
Be wary of men that are willing to buy your time over enhancing your mind
Beautiful…woman, you truly are
But your beauty only extends as far as you see it
The world will value you the way you present yourself
Self respect and self esteem…all where love truly begins
How can you win when you aren’t right within?
Make it your life goal to be remembered for all of you and not just nights with you
Smile harder, love smarter, work faster, think deeper, trust seldom, mature often
Be Beautiful

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