Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pick Three: July

Chi-City Hip Hop's monthly feature rolls around once again, this time for the month of July. Three picks from this month, whether it be videos, singless, album or mixtapes and everything in between. Short list, with no honorable mentions, check em out below.

Saba - ComfortZone (Album)
A long awaited project that was definitely worth the wait, Saba brought fans this 14 track release in the middle of the month. Feeding the people singles like, "Westside Bound" and "401K", we're presented with a little of what Saba was bringing us. Different sounds and content, both these records kept the head nodding. One aspect of this album that made it stand out was his ability to bring higher energy records that told us where he was from or dive in social issues, and also bring us more mellow tracks such as "Butter" and "Burnout". The features and production, some of which he also handled, fit the emotions, grabbing Tree, M&O, Eryn Allen Kane, Born Ready Productions, nascent, and more, for their input. Based on the atmosphere of the project and content Sab found his "Comfort Zone" and also provided a comfortable listen for our ears, improving from previous projects in lyrics and his production skills.

Hurt Everybody - Hurt Everybody (LP)
Starting out as two in the beginning and gaining a new member later on, the trio Hurt Everybody has found a lane where they can potentially dominate. The three released their self titled EP on the fourth of July, gaining much attention and new ears. The Hurt boys mixture of different talents bring us Hip Hop with super soulful melody with combination unique production. But whatever you want to call their sound, one thing that is a fact, is their grind toward notoriety as a team that could break old molds of Hip Hop groups. They're latest LP presents a listen to the variety of what each member can do, as all hold production credits. Carl, Supa Bwe and Mulatto Beats definitely strive for the feel of emotions through lyrics and production over 17 tracks. Considering how new they are in this industry as well as together, their chemistry and talents are something to pay attention.

ACE B8gie - The B8gie Foo' Blues
The heavy voiced smooth rapper, ACE B8gie continued his Endo EP series with a new project called "The B8gie Foo' Blues". Presenting nine tracks, including a bonus track, B8gie drops lyrics that reflect personal thoughts and experiences, which was very evident on a favorite "Lear From It". With tempo changes he provides a listen to one of his strengths, never leaving us with a monotone record while rapping about simple life situations to complication moves being made when it time to make a decision. ACE seems to be one the only Chicago artist to get this many Bobby Johnson beats on a project, but he also gets other notable beat smiths like I.B. C.L.A.S.S.I.C, Piff.., The Analyst and more and not too many features. This project is a great listen, his unique flow, voice and delivery solidifies his spot on our 'Pick Three'.

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