Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Phor Plans New Project + Videos You May Have Missed

Between 2012 and 2013 listeners were his with three projects, which before and after those initial drops singles and video were released. "Perferct Timing", "Nino", and "HER", showed Phor was one busy artist with the number content he was kicking out. This year he's kept busty as well, from shows, to video releases, and most notably as a tattoo artist.

The cover above embodies his two loves, of two different art forms, which he also plans to present through a new project. Titled "Sacrifice", this album has had previous release dates, but it seems he has an official date ready for November 14th. Phor get Allblk and Ace, two very dope artist, to handled the project artwork above, and it seems to be getting ready to kick out more single before the project release.

Checkout Phor's most recent video releases for "Don't Know No Better" and "Take Shots" below.

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