Tuesday, October 7, 2014

D. Son - #StayRelentless (EP)

written by Branden Tatum

D.Son is back with with a 5 song EP entitled "Stay Relentless". I guess you can look at this like a preview for what's to come on his full fledged upcoming album debut. D, Son calls on producers 9th Wonder, LawBeatz and Lu B for his latest effort.

The EP starts off with "Didn't Cost Me Nothin" II" with an intro skit and the rapper uses the hook "Fuck it I work hard for it, it didn't pan out/ Too much pride in a n*gga for a handout/ It's just me against the world when you stand out/ Trying to make something out of nothing, it don't cost nothing". Then follows with "Bad Man's Journal" that begins with a bit of Barack Obama's speech about where he hits on the economy like wages/salaries and companies changing with our rough economic times. The chorus uses indie folk singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis' 2008 song "Bad Man's World" which is very fitting for the song message. However, telling your story is important in the rap game but so is metaphors and this is what these songs are lacking. I can definitely hear an artist like J. Cole doing a track like this,  he tells those stories but also adds in those dope metaphors and punchlines that have us like "damn that's cold". Spitting bars is so much more than just the rhymes but those punchlines have to be key.

With that being said D.Son seems to add a some of those metaphors in #3 "Son Shine". Following the theme of consistency and being optimistic the rapper flows over a up-tempo joint (The most up-tempo of the 5). A standout line from this 2 min freestyle like song might be "Right now I'm feeling like Jesus on the water/God, body and all New Testament in order". There should be more but they weren't as strong.

It's pretty obvious but the theme of the 5 track EP, is persistent or as D.Son says it #Stay(ing)Relentless. The young rapper is definitely rhyming about something we all can relate to no matter what situation we're currently in. Track #5 might be the standout track it's called "Street Cry"  and it uses Nas' "Life Is Good" production and it's where he tells about the violence issues that aren't just  in Chicago, but other major cities as well. It's a deep one, I might add. The messages are top notch, the rhymes are flowing (but lacks metaphors/punchlines) and the production is fitting. 

At the end of the day, compelling lyrics aren't enough if you can't captivate you audience with those distinct metaphors or punchlines. We all can rap about our story and make it sound as good, but those hard hitting literary devices are vital in the rap game. I can hear a little bit of J. Cole, to a certain extent where the 2 rap about their struggles and uplifting us with their music. For his next project, it'll be interesting to hear how D.Son can switch up his flow to something not so serious or just a more fast bit production. Overall, the messages are positive but don't expect those lyrical gems, that we get from other hip hop storytellers. In due time?

Kinda sucks that's it's only 5 songs, but hey on the bright side, D.Son be releasing #TheRelentlessTape album coming soon. In fact, he will be releasing his first single from the album in the upcoming weeks.

Listen below.

Written by Branden ... talk to em .. Tatum

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