Friday, October 31, 2014

Pick Three, Happy Halloween

The end of the month has rolled around. For October 31st, we bring in this Pick Three on Halloween. As usual we provide three releases posted here or other wise, between the 1st and the 30th. See the three choice for this month below.

Mano - Zeitgeist
Kanye West's former DJ, Treated Crew member, and dope producer, Mano provides our ears with a great instrumental. Grabbing a record from Black Sabbath's nineteenth album, he flips "Zeitgeist" spacey form and gives it an hip hop edge. Front man of the band Ozzy Osbourne vocals are kept, which Mano twists just enough, staying true the original that you'll end singing along with. The added kicks and drums, will make any speaker rattle, Provided keeping Ozzy vocal, no one needs hop on this record, though if some one does, they have to give it 100%.

King Louie - Fuck Nigga (Video)
Louie's "Tony" mixtapes has had many talking since its release, and with added visual, keeps the momentum going. A standout record from the mixtapes, the track itself is a bass heavy, trap drum holding song produced by C-Sick. For the visual King Louie keeps it simple, getting a floral jogging fit off. Through this video, shot by Elevator, King Louie brings his personality to the table for such a dark song he still brings fun energy as seen when the lyrics come across the screen, watch him jig.

Vic Spencer - 24k Visuals
Its not secret that Vic Spencer got 'bahs', at least not over here at CCHH, and he gets down to business on the record "24k Visuals". On this boom-bap heavy groove, Vic brings that lyrical bravado that you look to hear from him, trash talking the industry with every line. DC, who seems to stay loaded with great production, provides the beat that Spencer takes off on. With many quotable lines he continues to show why you should open your ears.

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