Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pick Three: November

The end of November is here. Before we officially head in to December, I present to you Chi City Hip Hop's latest Pick Three segment. Sometimes its difficult to choose sometimes its not, but we only allow three and only three picks. Checkout some of the favorite from November, and comment, let us know your favorites of the month below.

Uno & Billionaire Black - Costa Rica (Video)
Two artist who are relatively new to CCHH, dropped an catchy record some months ago but didn't end up here until recently. The video holds the usual story line of connecting with the "Latin plug", but on a very sunny day. Uno and Billionaire Black connect for a very heavy bass record, jumping back and forth for a chorus that kinda gets stuck in you head.

Brian Fresco - Bae (Video)
Featured on his collaborative project with Tree, Brian Fresco dropped the video for the lead single for "SoulMoney" this month. This video definitely worked for this song, we are presented with a surreal romance between Brain and a leading lady. This is another example of a visual addition making a song even better.

Supa Bwe - Fefe At My Funeral
A simple song on the surface, with easily memorable lyrics. Plus at first listen it is sort of sad, but Supa Bwe tells all party for him when he's gone. Lines like "I'm have a fefe at my funeral, and "Casket made of gold, baby you should come", over heavy bass production make for a very infectious song that had me pressing the play button again. 

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