Tuesday, November 4, 2014

R.O.E. - To Happiness (EP)

An artist who definitely puts his heart into his music, R.O.E. or Rising.Over.Envy, has been on the move since his first project release, an EP, "A Backpacker Named R.O.E.". With his new project we are deliver some of his thoughts from his travels and experiences.
I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve traveled the country performing shows and had some success with building my career along with my fan base. Throughout it all, I kept asking myself, ‘Where am I headed?’ The answer seemed so broad that it was impossible to narrow down. So I decided to write a project from those thoughts.
A EP his fans had a hand in through his crowd funding campaign, R.O.E aims to share this experience with his listeners to the fullest. "To Happiness" holds six tracks and one feature from Taylor Mallory. The start of the project is simple but very telling, a gesture of starting a new journey. He follows up with "Long Way From Home", in a experience that brings us closer to his thoughts of being on said journey. Without giving away too much the tone of the project stay consist, as he provides his story with a positive vibe.

With his smooth delivery of rhymes, over pretty good production, the only thing you could wish for is more. Listen, purchase and drop a comment below.


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