Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ShowYouSuck Talks Influences & Experiences With The Whiskey Journal

ShowYouSuck has been on the move, from touring, to ended up on front covers of magazines, to a possible new project in the works. Most recently he's been gearing up to hit the stage in Chicago for an event called "Pizza Party Homecoming".

In a recent interview with from WBEZ with The Whiskey Journal, Show touches on different interest  and gives some of his experiences. He talked culture he was influenced by and things he wanted to do, saying, "I was like raised by MTV, so all I watch coming up was like Headbangers ball and like alternative but I could never find anyone that wanted to start a band with me because everyone I always lived around listened to rap and R&B...". When talks of pizza in his music came up he excitedly says "at least, if  you like on a blog and you see my project and its called "One Man Pizza Party" at least you're going to click on it, because who doesn't like pizza".Show also tells the story of ending up on a bill with DMX which you can hear more of the story below.

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