Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Black Souls Lost by PromoDave

New piece from PromoDave that reflects recent events in our society, check it out below.

Are you living to die? Enjoying life and living it to the fullest? Or are you just maintaining? 
In a world where the value of life has shifted beneath a bag of skittles and a Arizona 
It’s hot enough to make black minds forget about the inequality that exists in Arizona 
Where Martin Luther King Jr’s day was rescinded, how can we feel like our dreams hold the same value? 
Will we ever reach that day where Martin can look down from the mountain top and see a world where the law doesn’t see color but instead see souls? 
Black Souls Lost

Nas enlightened our eyes to “Black Girls Lost” nearly twenty years ago 
And we’re still trying to figure out how to find them 
Black Girls Lost, Black Boys Lost 
Lives devalued or eliminated with no second thought 
Much more than death, our black children are lost all throughout the world 
Lost in a prison system: One that sees them as a number and trading tool in the new age slavery 
Lost in a school system: One that pushes them away from dreams and towards debt quite easily 
Lost in the field of entertainment: One that stereotypes and highlights ills rather than portraying the real 
Lost in the workforce: One that would rather hire a name they recognize than a name of potential strength 
Lost in maternity and paternity histories: Ones that highlight absentee fathers and negligent mothers rather than the Cliff’s and Claire’s 
Black Souls Lost

But it’s not hopeless to find them, it’ll come at an extreme cost 
It’s impossible to find someone that doesn’t want to be found 
So from a small child, it must be instilled in their mind that their power comes from being brown 
And not the other way around that society would love to preach up and down instead 
It’s pushed that being brown means you’re powerless, meaningless, useless 
A lawless land doesn’t protect or serve the individuals that helped build and create it from the ground up 
You know what happens to a dream deferred? 
We’ve move beyond just drying up like a raisin in the sun 
To not seeing our sons when the sun rises, and our daughters not having anyone that cares when they let out their most sincere cries 
When life expectancies become so low that we can write our wills at 18, what’s the purpose of fighting? 
Black Souls Lost

We much show respect to our lost souls by loving and creating kinetic energy that spreads through our future 
Can’t find something that doesn’t want to be discovered so I’m praying for our young sisters and brothers 
Praying for their eyes to be opened to all that’s in front of them 
We can’t all be destined to create music, dribble on the court, or dazzle on the big screen 
But we can’t settle for creating chaos, driving to and from the courts and jails and daydreaming rather than succeeding 
Follow your dreams; the best way to lower the amount of black souls lost is have more black souls at the top 
Make your efforts show that you’re dying to live, enjoying life to the fullest and more than maintaining

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