Friday, December 12, 2014

Bunny Corleone - Judge For You / Olivia Pope

Completely new to our ears, a new comer hits the inbox, with at the least two songs that were good. Going by the name Bunny Corleone, her new single, inspired by the hit show "Scandal", and titled the name of the show main protagonist, is a mellow tempo with record, with beep bass, that you can still dance and vibe to. Its definitely a catchy record with a chorus that goes "B*tch I think I'm Olivia Pope". Bunny also has another record to take note of, where we get more sense of her as a rapper on "Judge For You".

Stay tuned for more for this newcomer, to see what see does next and can she keep it coming. Listen below.

Featuring King Judy

Sweetz Got Beatz 


  1. You could be right, but if you pay attention to the time stamps on the songs in between the releases there could have been time put into development. While base off this post she's not the best but definitely is not the worst. There something there only time will tell.


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