Monday, December 1, 2014

Defcee Drops New Maxi-Single, "Timeless"

We're in that last month of 2014 and Defcee seems to have a lot in store for his fans. Today he presents this new maxi-single titled "Timeless", holding four new tracks. In the coming year he aims to drops an album he's been perfecting for sometime, "Damn Near Grown", plus he has teamed up with Benjamin Earl Turner to form the duo Grand Total. Now if you remember we've heard these two on tracks together already, on songs like "Danica" and "PurpleWaterSugarDrank" which had more that just them two but whatever. Listen below.

"Forty II" is the first of the new singles. He takes on The Alchemist's instrumental "Step Masters". If this was directed at any particular person or just other rappers in general Defecee got his point across on this one. "You still not fucking with Def like Stinkmeaner".

"Timeless" is the second single, produced by Sev Seveer. Defcee raps of making music that has no age, because "don't nothing age when you keeping it real". He displays, like on all other tracks, his ability to spit.

"I'm Clark Kent if all he did was write", "alter(ed) ego" this the three of days' single with production handle by Mike Wavvs.

One of record I've heard before, Defcee grab production from PIVOT's Joseph Chilliams for a song called "Noir". A up tempo beat with smooth vocals, this record provides a cold and dark lyrical visualization.

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