Saturday, December 20, 2014

Naledge ft. Saint TGB - 10 Toes Down

Staying "10 Toes Down", Naledge presents this new release as he prepares a new album called "Naledge Is Power" set for 2015. Saint TGB joins him, who also handles the production . Naledge has kicked off a campaign for his upcoming project, reaching out to the fans to get involved.
Growing up in Chicago, I realized at around 15 years old that I was in love with hip-hop. Although I never knew all the places it would take me or all of the people it would introduce me to, I always knew that this music was integral to my socialization as a young black man in Chicago just trying to find his identity in this world. The music, the fashion, the dancing and the community of “hip-hop heads” that I encountered growing up gave me strong pride in my ethnic heritage, fostered my self-esteem and  motivated in me a decade-long career as a recording artist, entrepreneur and now, youth advocate.
See how you can help build this new album here.

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