Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pick Three: December

Today marks the last entry in the Pick Three series for 2014, as we finally hit December 31st . As usual we present three picks featuring only releases from this month that stood out and leave it up to you to decide if you care or not. Checkout the three releases chosen for the spotlight this month.

Jay2 ft. Ronnie Fidel - Found
Jay2 has been taking his sweet time to drop this new project "Vault", but has been delivering some pretty solid records. The most recent single featured production and vocals from Ronnie Fidel, who definitely showed his potential on "Found". In this record Ronnie is something of the host of the song kicking this off with a smooth consistency of singing after the beginning sound that is equivalent to a count down. Jay2 follows with a up temp and consistent flow hitting the ears with detailed lyricism that definitely is not a surprise considering our coverage of his music.

A-Hi - Gunrise (Video)
In this song by itself, A-Hi delivers a detail rap delivery that paints the pictures of what's happen in our city with the violence. With soulful production and dramatic effects that add more depth to the song, this is another example of music that can present a message and still be sonically pleasing. The video addition to this record is a building of suspense in one scene that reveals the ending result and a real possibility in life. The visual and song fit so perfectly and with the overlay footage of different situation jerks the emotions and ties it all together for the ending.

Lupe Fiasco - Deliver (Video)
At first listen, to a surface listener, you might get caught up in the dope production and catchy "Pizza man don't come here no mo", and miss the point. A single from his upcoming album "Tetsuo & Youth", TY Dolla $ign provides vocals as Lupe raps of problems faced when your black from the ghetto and labeled. Lupe doesn't appear in the video, instead we are present with a story line of a young kid having to take a hike on his bike outside of his neighborhood because its a red zone for the pizza man. This is a deeper statement of the problems in certain urban neighborhood where my auntie favorite line of "we can't never have nothing nice" would be a good fit to describe this piece.

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