Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chief Keef ft. 100 Grandz - Shawdy (Video)

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Not sure exactly when this Bang 3 album is coming out, but I guess until then Keef will continue to give us visuals. This time he gives us a video for his "Shawdy" cut that features 100 Grandz. Hopefully the album is coming within the following weeks.

Guess you can be somewhat content with this new visual, check it out here.

August: Pick Three - Videos

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The end of August is right around the corner, and with that comes our Pick Three's for the month. This time the focus is on the videos posted. See the picks below.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lil' Bibby - Free Crack 2 (Mixtape)

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Looking past the heavy features, Lil' Bibby is showing that he's aiming to stay to in this game for the long term through his work ethic. Today he follows up from his last mixtape to bring us "Free Crack 2", for a Datpiff premier. The second installment of "Free Crack" holds 18 track including three bonus tracks. Stream, comment and download below.

Hurt Everybody - Just A Spirit With An Appetite (Afterlife)

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Carl and Supa Bwe handle the production for this new Hurt Everybody release. Relaxing but holding heavy base, "Just A Spirit With An Appetite (Afterlife)", adds to their long list of release in recent and there good tracks. Press play tell them what you think, comment below.

Lil' Herb ft. Common & Chance The Rapper - Fight or Flight (Remix)

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A track from Herb's "Welcome To Fazoland" mixtapes gets remixed, adding additional verse from his fellow Chicagoans Chance The Rapper and Common.

White Gzus - Stackin N Mackin (Mixtape)

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After numerous single releases for these two artist, who form as the duo White Gzus, Blanco Caine and Gzus Piece deliver their first project. Since joining the forces they've brought us a combination of Treated Crew and Cash Gang Empire, providing a slick rhymes with player style. "Stackin' N Mackin' " holds 16 tracks with production from Mr. E, 808 Mafia, Mano, Doc Da Mindbenda and more. Stream, comment and download below.

AMILCAR - Material World

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AMILCAR delivers his experiences with girls living in a "Material World" over production from AstroLogical.

Que B.I.L.L.A.H ft. Kora Green - Victory Lapse

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Que wants to win, and make its clear through rhyme how he's going to bring it. He teams up with producer Sean Ace and features Kora Green to put her touch on it for a song called "Victory Lapse". This record reminds the ears of a type of anthem of personal motivation, press play plus congrats to JRW Little League team.
"I'm going for the win at all times. Its not just about rap its about all facets of life. Every verse should be an extension of your existence. Go hard and say something meaningful so that if this is the last song you post your legacy will reflect a win. We all gotta go one day so go out on top, go out unfuckwitable!!!!!!"

The Palmer Squares & ProbCause - SQUIZAD

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Prod. by Remington Iron and Wildabeast

Part of a contest from The Stank Face Records 2014 Muffhugger Remix contest. The contest was won by Remington Iron, who was invited to produced the next The Palmer Squares and ProbCause collaboration. Checkout Remington Iron's winning remix here. Expect to hear this on Stank Face mixtape this Fall.

Lupe Fiasco ft. Jennifer Hudson & Common - Remission (Video)

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Lupe Fiasco continues his partnership with Stand Up To Cancer to bring awareness in a battle against the disease. He follows up from his album single "Mission" with "ReMission", which feature fellow Chicagoans Jennifer Hudson and Common. On September 5th you can catch all three hitting the stage for this cause with the song becoming available the same day on iTunes.

Watch below and make a donation here.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lil Bibby ft. Jadakiss & Anthony Hamilton - Water (Remix)

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Lil Bibby gives us a remix to his "Water" joint and enlists none other than Jadakiss and Anthony Hamilton. The original is from his Free Crack, and the remix might be a bonus on his Free Crack 2, which is set to be dropping tomorrow, hopefully. With Anthony Hamilton's soulful vocals and Jadakiss with his dope NYC sound and not to mention being a veteran in the rap game now, they definitely come together for some fire.

Press play on it here.

Xspo ft. Tray Boi - Got It

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Xspo returns with new music as he aims to drop a new project, and teams up with Tray Boi for the first release. This record is definitely different from what we heard him do on previous projects, and he plans a September 8 release for "TRILL", so stay tuned for more.

Dinero Dynasty - Everything Local (EP)

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After many single release leading up to this moment, now it time to listen to what the campaign leads to. The duo coming out of the west side of the Chi, Dinero Dynasty, drops their new EP holding seven track called "Everything Local". We've come to know these these two as artist that bring record we can vibe to, and now it's time to sit back and listen to their latest. Download, comment and enjoy below.

Gzus Piece ft. Sulaiman - This Summer (Remix)

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Here the remix from Gzus Piece for "The Summer" featuring Sulaiman produced by Na$im Williams and Mano.

Ramaj Eroc - One Day At A Time (Steezefield Remix)

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Surreal Gang rep delivers a new record that speak on striving to survive everyday for a Steezefield remix called "One Day At A Time".

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Logan - Change (Video)

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Flight on the production, Logan with the bars, and Krown shooting the scenes, a combination we've become familiar with, does it again. As Logan prepare his new project their team decides to let loose a new song and video for "Change".

ACE B8gie - Bird's Eye View (Video)

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The Bobby Johnson record get a visual additioin as he teams up with APJ Films for the video to "Bird's Eye View". Download his latest project "The B8gie Foo' Blues" today.

Giftz - Grindin

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Giftz seems to be working on a new project to follow up "Position of Power", while working he hops on Lil' Wayne's single for "Grindin".

Mpulse - Be Incredible (Album)

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Don't grind don't stop with this guy and lyrics great. Mpulse has finish his first official album holding no features titled "Be Incredible". From his own production to Don Cannon, Keef Boyd , Novacane and more, Mpulse grabs consistent collection of beats over eleven tracks with a state of mind of aiming only to be the best. Stream download and enjoy below.

Retrospect ft. Daryn Alexus & Ben Kusel - Heard 'Em Say

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Produced by Chris Classick

On a campaign to bring us a new project, the duo Retrospect drops off this new single  where they enlist Daryn Alexus and Ben Kusel on "Heard Em Say". This serves as the first single to the project "The Breakout: Part 2", which has no release date as of yet, so stay tuned.

Romiti ft. TalentedAsKB - Imagine

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A artist you may recognize from as a popular personality on Vine, Romiti, delivered her new album recently called "Lemonade". Here is a record from her new project which features, a name you've see here before, TalentedAsKB called "Image".

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Second City Citizens - Tres Amigos (EP)

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Three guys who are much more than just a rap group, but three friends who've continued their grind in the music industry brings us a new project today. Second City Citizen presented singles and video releases leading up to their new EP called "Tres Amigos", holding 5 new tracks. Stream and download below.

YP - Backwood Jones (Mixtape)

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YP presents a new release that has definitely had some looking forward to what he was going to bring following his previous project. Today he delivers the 11 track mixtape titled "Backwood Jones", after some time of slowing down he's back on a roll. Download and enjoy below.

Twista ft. Wiz Khalifa & Berner - Burnin'

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Twista lets loose a new single from his new album release. He teams up with Wiz Khalifa and Berner for track number nine called "Burnin". Twista's new album, "Dark Horse" is available right now on iTunes.

Kembe X ft. Ab-Soul & Alex Wiley - As I Unfold (Video)

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Recently Kembe X joined the ranks of artist to team up with Scion AV to present a project focused on upcoming talent. Today Kembe present a new video for the single "As I Unfold" featuring Ab-Soul and Alex Wiley. Grab the full EP here and watch the video below.

SolarFive - Monsters (Video)

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SolarFive continues to prepare us for his upcoming project through new releases. He drops off this new video for the song "Monster" with a classic hood tale. While we don't know if this will be featured on Solar's "88Soul" project this is a great addition leading up the his full release. Watch below.

Bennie Franks & M'Claren Cay - Sin Sin (Video)

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Bennie Franks and M'Claren Cay present this new visual, direct by Leondotcom, for the record "Sin Sin". They deliver a storyline of a man doing what ever it takes to reach that next dollar, with no remorse. Watch the video below.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lennon ft. Tree - Casu Marzu

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Lennon recently hit Europe with Tree where they also shot the video for "Grace" while hitting many stages. The Mayhem Machine vet plans a new project with producer Tye Hill called "Dope Is A Delicacy" with the first offer being a smooth record called "Casu Marzu".

C. Rich ft. Sulaiman & DAVE - No Way

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Prod. by DC

In many case it seems the people we call 'the law', have an invest interest in whopping black male in the streets or even killing. With so many headlines of new incidents of situations where excessive force is used, these three artist provide their thoughts and/or perspectives through song, with a message of ending it. Press play and listen as C. Rich, Sulaiman, and DAVE bring their talents on "No Way".

C. Rich plans to follow up from his last project "Certified Organic" very soon. "No Way" is the first release from a new project, still in the works, called "Manifest Destiny". Stay tuned for more info on the new project and more music.

Lil' Bibby ft. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - For The Low 2

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Big named features and a new project on the way, which will the second part to "Free Crack", Lil' Bibby seems to be on the up and up. This latest latest release seems to be an offer from "Free Crack 2", as the heavy voiced rapper get Wix Khalifa and Juicy J on "For The Low 2".

YP ft. Twista - Stop (Video)

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The first single release from YP since jumping back into the independent grind, he grabs Chicago vet Twista for the video to "Stop". YP aims to drop a new project called "Backwood Jones", with this being a listen to what's to come. Watch below.

Weasel Sims ft. Vic Spencer & Murf Dilly - Real N*ggas

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Holding a beat that kicks from D. Jbari, a dope chorus and bars from Vic Spencer, Weasel Sims delivers this new record from the upcoming "The Crib" mixtape. DJ Citi continues to liberate song from the new mixtape back to back, as we get closer to the release date in September. Expect to be on Sims new project as well called "Ran Nation Vol. 1".

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Emil ft. Midore - How It Goes

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Emil gives us something new with this Sani produced instrumental. The cut also features vocals from Midore. Pretty chill if you ask me.

Listen to it for yourself here.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meeko Fly - Daily Sinner (Video)

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Directed by Bryan Zawlocki

Meeko Fly delivers a introspective visual, that focuses on triumph as day go by and the nights end in a not so tip top shape. Meeko plans a new mixtape release with "Daily Sinner" an offering from it and a video handled by Elevator.

Lil' Durk - Shots Fired

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The White Gzus hosted project is on the way, and today we get a new release from the "The Crib". Paris Beuller and Roksteady handle the production for a record from Lil Durk called "Shots Fired".

Tree - Grindin

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The known as Tree, spits some bars over the recent Wayne track for a Tree mix rendition. Press play on "Grindin".

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tony Stanza - Sicmatic (Video)

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Lennon and GTW assisted, Tony Stanza deliver this new visual for the record "Sicmatic", produced by Ziptopher and direct/edited by Dope Daniels & Chris ILL. Check this song and more on his latest project release "BlaXphemy". Watch below.

Abstrak Mind ft. D2G & Isaiah Jones - Freedom

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Abstrak Mind deliver the first release, a loosie, since releasing is album "Still Painting". "Freedom" is a record that speaks volumes to what going on in the world, A.M., D2G, and Isaiah Jones team up. With production from Ray White and Pro Suge, these emcees outline certain social injustices that we witness everyday.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Johnny May Cash ft. SD - Where I'm From

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Johnny May Cash links up with SD on a Young Chop track. The young rapper is definitely on the come up.

Check out the latest from Johnny May here.

Towkio - Eyes (Video)

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The artist formally known as Tokyo Shawn, now Towkio, has been working toward the release of his upcoming project ".WAV Theory". Today we get a new song and video, which I'm going to assume is set to be featured on the upcoming project release. Produced by Walkingshoe and directed by [LL], we are provided with a scene where young Towki rap in front of an reflection for a visual called "Eyes".

Dkonn ft. Sasha Go Hard - I.D.G.A.F (Video)

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DKonn grabs a verse from Sasha Go Hard for this track, getting video direction from APJ Films for "I.D.G.A.F".

Twista on 'The Breakfast Club' (Video)

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While in New York Twista hit up The Breakfast at Power1051 to talk past label dealings, rapping style, new album and more. Watch below.

Noelz Vedere ft. Kiara Lanier - Censored Love (Video)

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Noelz Vedere delivers a new video join by songstress Kiara Lanier, for the song "Censored Love". This record was featured on his recent project release "Bittersweet Victory", which is available for download right now.

Dinero Dynasty ft. Chris Crack - Out West

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August 28th the duo Dinero Dynasty plans to release a new EP called "Everything Local", and today they drop off a new single featuring Chris Crack, called "Out West".

Hurt Everybody - Paper Thin

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Back again with yet another release, Hurt Everybody present this new song created and upload all in the same day. "Paper Thin" is a additional release from the many we've heard since their EP dropped as the trio continues to grow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rello Dreamer - Celebration

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Rello and Ando Ruckus team up for a new record and a whole project. Rello is working on the third installment of Creative Minds N Goals" but before that he'll deliver a EP called "Lobster and Fettuccine". Press play on the latest release from the EP, "Celebration".

Blanco Caine & BoDi Deeder - Charlamagne (Video)

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Dir. By TDF Media Group

You know that guy who can't seem to shut up sometimes who's a personality on New York radio? Well Blanco and Bodi aren't fan of guys who talk too much, as the CGE members team up for the video to "Charlamagne". Watch below.

Dan Kanvis ft. theWHOevers - Never Too Much (Video)

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production by SpazzbotEXE

Such a smooth record, with a visual to accompany it. theWHOevers deliver some dope bars as they join, newcomer to CCHH, Dan Kanvis on his new single. "Never Too Much" is a song that speaks to grind and triumphs we go through to our own personal success'. We can expect to hear this and more on the upcoming project "Windows" from Dan. Watch below.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Roosevelt The Titan & Supa Bwe - Tapestry (Wet Wet Wet Wet)

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Another Supa Bwe production hits the site, as Roosevelt the Titan and Supa drops off this new release called "Tapestry".

Supa Bwe - Direct Message

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"Slide in yo bitch's DM's like", Supa presents this new track, which he also produced, called "Direct Message".