Monday, January 12, 2015

King Louie - Rite Now / In Love Wit Canada

King Louie drops off a couple new songs for multiple reasons, for fan appreciation, for the fans who didn't get to see him in Valparaiso, and because who doesn't like new music. The MuBu front man recently headed far north to hit the stage in Canada with some very lively crowd. Its obvious that things went well so he dropped off one of two new releases produced by DJ L, called "In Love Wit Canada". The second of the two is a smoker's choice record that holds some very heavy bass, just like we like it, called "Rite Now". So high he's not trying to come down.

Two new tracks as listeners wait for his upcoming album "Drilluminati 3", which we've seen many covers for and small teaser, so it'll be interesting to hear what he's offering.

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