Thursday, January 1, 2015

Leather Corduroys - Season (Album)

When two of the SaveMoney members decided to roll as a duo, what was expect was meet plus more. If you remember the first record we were presented with was called "Prophet." featuring theMind that became a good first example of what Joey and Kami are trying to do. Since then Kami has shortened his name dropping the de Chukwu (which was actually a very dope name), and as the Leather Corduroys, dropped a project called "Porno Music Vol II". Their first project together seem as though they were bringing very aggressive energy, where on "Season", we get a more diverse set of sounds.

"Season", the second project from Leather Corduroys, is a 14 track album that takes on a more varied sound. The two definitely aim to experiment and present something new, from rock influence on songs like "Developers", Jamaican accent on "Badmon", some auto-tune, melodic raps, and even some hustle rap. Knox Fortune and Chance The Rapper are two of the features with production from Papi Beats, THEMpeople, The Internet, IKAZ Boi, Thelonious Martin, Nefarious!, Knox, and more.
Season is us representing our vulnerability, its formatted meticulously yet raw and unforgiving beautiful and annoying at the same damn time - Kami
Press play and listen below.

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