Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pavy - Babylon (Video)

Directed by TPJ

Pavy delivers a new visual that's dedicated to those who've lost there life and been effected by police brutality. This has been a heavy issue in America and through this release he keeps the conversation going on "Babylon". Watch below.
"I really did not want to put this video out… Honestly, I've only watched it once. It has brought up things that I really don't enjoy thinking or conversing about, at all. So, “Why do it?" you ask. I felt like it was the right thing to do. If I can voice my opinion on everything else why shouldn't I do it for something that actually matters and affects all of us. This is more than a "black issue." This is an American issue. If I offend anyone, I'm sorry. That truly wasn't my intention. I’m only voicing my opinion on issues we all need to be conscious of and can no longer ignore. I know that is damn near impossible. — I only want all of us to live in peace and harmony… This is a issue that will probably never end because the conversation will probably never be properly had. So… here you go." -Pavy

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