Thursday, January 29, 2015

SunBLVD - Not So Alone (Video)

A artist that is still fairly new and we're slowing getting to know her music, SunBLVD, presents this new video expressing some very personal feeling. This visual, directed by Loft 17, depicts different people joining along side Sunny, with the interactions not lasting too long, and just when she thought she had someone to talk to it proves to be just like the rest. She raps in a very mellow voice giving us a tone that expresses what it can be like to feel lonely even when friends around.

"Not So Alone" is a new single from her up coming project "One Way Conversation", which is an EP. The release date is set for new week so stay for the date and watch the video below.
When everything seems surface level and superficial, she hopes to just get a hug and gain some understanding. Because after all, "It's hard to be friends. It's hard to be social, when I want to approach at the party and ask you how you really feel. Like, what's really real?"
Update: Grab the mp3 here

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