Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Test Results by PromoDave

FOC continues to hit through these new release. Writer PromoDave presents us with a new piece called "Test Results", which you can read below and drop a comment let him know what you think.

Prayer doesn’t immediately change things
Similar to how studying doesn’t immediately translate to good grades
You have to be tested to see results
Intense challenges create immaculate concepts and creative ideas
Vehicles perform best when accelerated and human beings respond in the same respect
Don’t celebrate how you respond in the sunshine
Instead improve how you keep your light shining in the darkest of clouds with the rain pouring down
Take pride in being blessed with burdens
The heavier load to carry, the strong individual that develops
Everyone receives problems; scholars and soldiers stand tall in front of them
Failure doesn’t frustrate or fluster, instead it allows refreshing success to flourish
Sunshine wouldn’t feel good if it wasn’t for rain
And pride in success wouldn’t warm a heart unless the heart had once been broken down by fortitude creating fears
Don’t afraid of telling your story, the details are exclusive to you and help mold you greatly
Judgment comes from souls with hidden issues looking to throw dirt on others to avoid their own growing grave
Those that cast stones have strong arms from all the stress that they carry
Travel through this world lightly, you came into it with nothing and leave with the same with a sprinkle of experiences
Whatever doesn’t kill you only provides you with a new sense of life
Sensible souls seek to solidify themselves in this world, not based on success or stress
But rather on preservation and perseverance
Don’t measure your life in the results of the tests in your life
Be satisfied in showing up and showing out each time a challenge is placed in front of you
Grow in your efforts and know that failing is only final if you surrender to it
Realize that results require recognition of effort and dedication and life is based on heartfelt attempts
Be open to change while remaining firm in your beliefs in the process....don't let your goals change your soul....
Just let your soul glow…   
Find your happiness…help those around you find their happiness….that’s how you stay happy…
Some stress leads to success….while some lingers on too long and breaks you down…
Test results only have numerical values
Pass or fail, growing from your experiences is the best measurement of whether or not you’ve done well
Fight on king, keep growing queen & keep your head up towards Heaven, even when going through hell

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