Saturday, February 14, 2015

Abstrak Mind ft. Isaiah Jones - For You

Abstrak Mind brings in this Valentines Day with a smooth groove and great intentions, and a good lyrical showcase. Teaming up with singer Isaiah Jones, these two express to that special woman that they're not here to play any games with her heart. A sentiment that we're not hearing that often in hip hop today, a song that about committing to one women as Isaiah Jones sings "I love a cover girl but I need some content" and "don't need a sing chick". A.M. is planning a new album called "QUEEN" and provides a tasteful new single produced by Moses Hall and That Dude Nate.
I'm trying to change the way we represent our women in our culture beginning with this record. I'm working on an album called QUEEN.Every rap song women gotta either be thots, bitches etc... I want them to tastefully enjoy HipHop records written about them

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