Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Angel Davanport - Free PU$$Y (EP)

Part of the relatively newly formed RapperChicks group, along side Psalm One and Fluffy, Angel Davanport delivers her new project called "Free PU$$Y". A pretty interesting title off first introduction, providing a very strong sexual aspect. Angel kept things interesting leading up to the release, giving her followers a direct story to formation of the group and stumbles she faced along the way. Davanport is no stranger to this music scene either, already having worked alongside establish artist, plus releasing her own music, showing up on this site on a consistent bases.

From a perspective of one on the outside looking in she seems to be getting straight forward with her message and intention for this EP. If you're looking for someone who's going to provide an image that society deems alright, then this is not for you. Or its exactly what you need and just don't know until you've hit the play button and embrace her honesty.

"Free PU$$y" displays her ability to rap and sing, switching between both very frequently. A package of five tracks, Bernie Levv is the lone feature with production being handled by RanDaddy and Chi VII, we get a consistent smooth sound. Stream press play download/donate and comment below.

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