Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meeko Fly - Blessah (Album)

One of the lesser known talents of Chicago, Meeko Fly is one of those artist that you're just waiting for everyone else to catch up on. With a unique voice and a little bit of a diverse flow but a diverse production choice, he's continue to be covered here on CCHH. While we've gotten alot of singles and loose tracks from him with really no mention of a project, recently Meeko delivered a free album called "Blessah"

The project holds a whopping 20 songs, some which we've heard like, "Richie Rich", "Lucky No More", and "Jenny Lynn". "Blessah" hold an array of sounds with production from Atlas, Lee Bannon, Nosaj Thing, Clams Casino, Hippie Dream, J Dilla, Kevin Frytz, and more. Meeko Fly does most of the heavy lifting with this album, with features from only Ridgio and Bernard X. This is a long listen but a good long listening session.

Hopefully with the release of this project he doesn't do like some artist and drop off the radar and keeps pushing this project. With an array of sounds to rap over all I can say is press play, listen for yourself and drop a comment, let us know what you think.

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